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Subject[linux-next] Errors while "make htmldocs" in linux-next.
On linux-next ( next-2160706),  following errors happen these days
while running "make htmldocs"

HTML Documentation/DocBook/device-drivers.html
element refentry: validity error : ID
API-reservation-object-reserve-shared already defined
<refentry id="API-reservation-object-reserve-shared">
element refentry: validity error : ID
API-reservation-object-add-shared-fence already defined
<refentry id="API-reservation-object-add-shared-fence">

As I bisect the issue, the first bad commit is following.

commit 2cca45574007b4a77fa5f63ea45d664510cec22a
Merge: bb4cec0222f9 e83950816367
Author: Dave Airlie <>
Date: Thu Jun 9 11:19:28 2016 +1000

Merge tag 'topic/drm-misc-2016-06-07' of
git:// into drm-next

The actual change which cause this warning came from following.

commit eae1760fc838d5f569a80939f72483f02ac049c5
Author: Rob Clark <>
Date: Thu Mar 31 16:26:52 2016 -0400

doc: update/fixup dma-buf related DocBook

Split out dma-buf related parts into their own section, add missing
files, and write a bit of overview about how it all fits together.

Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <>
Signed-off-by: Sumit Semwal <>

FYI, This issue does not exist on 4.7-rc6.

Masanari Iida

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