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Subject[PATCH v3 00/15] lirc_dev fixes and beautification

This is a collection of fixes, added functionality, coding rework
and trivial coding style fixes.

The first patch is preparatory to the second, which allows the
user to create a lirc driver without receiver buffer, which is
obvious for transmitters.

The rest of the patches is a series of coding style and code
rework, as I said, some of them are very trivial, but I sent them
anyway because I was on fire.

Patch 14 is a segfault fix, while the last patch adds the
possibility to send to ioctl the set frequency, get frequency and
set length command.


V1 -> V2
- patch 4: added the pr_fmt definition and removed all the
hardcoded prefixes from the pr_* functions (from Joe Perches).

- patch 15: removed the definitions of the GET/SET_FREQUENCY, I
will use GET/SET_SEND_CARRIER instead, even though I find the
name a bit confusing (from Sean Young).

- In patch 6 I did a better refactoring

V2 -> V3
- patch 2: do not create a specific function for bufferless
allocation, but check whether the device is a transmitter, in
that case do not allocate any buffer (from Sean Young).

- patch 10: remove completely compat ioctl (from Hans Verkuil).

- patch 12: ioctl fails and returns -ENOTTY instead of -EPERM
(from Hans Verkuil).

- patch 15: removed the original patch which adds the
LIRC_GET_LENTGH command to the ioctl (from Sean Young).

- patch 15: new patch which uses LIRC_CAN_REC() define to check
if the device is a receiver.


Andi Shyti (15):
[media] lirc_dev: place buffer allocation on separate function
[media] lirc_dev: allow bufferless driver registration
[media] lirc_dev: remove unnecessary debug prints
[media] lirc_dev: replace printk with pr_* or dev_*
[media] lirc_dev: simplify goto paths
[media] lirc_dev: do not use goto to create loops
[media] lirc_dev: simplify if statement in lirc_add_to_buf
[media] lirc_dev: remove double if ... else statement
[media] lirc_dev: merge three if statements in only one
[media] lirc_dev: remove compat_ioctl assignment
[media] lirc_dev: fix variable constant comparisons
[media] lirc_dev: fix error return value
[media] lirc_dev: extremely trivial comment style fix
[media] lirc_dev: fix potential segfault
[media] lirc_dev: use LIRC_CAN_REC() define to check if the device can

drivers/media/rc/lirc_dev.c | 302 ++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
1 file changed, 140 insertions(+), 162 deletions(-)


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