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Subject[GIT PULL 0/7] ARM: SoC changes for v4.3
Hi Linus,

Here's the main batch of changes from arm-soc for 4.3. Besides this we
also have a branch of changes that looked to be late-arriving (right
before -rc7), and we'll leave those to a separate pull request a little

Nothing in here should be controversial at this point. We have more
external dependencies than we've had for a while, mostly with the clk
tree. We also picked up some other misc drivers with appropriate acks
(rtc, pci, etc) through the platform maintainers the drivers are for.

We've been able to keep conflicts down this cycle, only a few and none
are hairy. I've described them in the affected pull requests.

There's a branch "armsoc-resolved" available with my version of the

Please merge!



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