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Subjectrevert c72c6160d967ed26a0b136dbab337f821d233509

could you please revert c72c6160d967ed26a0b136dbab337f821d233509 ?

Commit c72c6160d967 ("zram: move compact_store() to sysfs functions area")
was intended to be a cosmetic change that w/o any functional change and was
part of a bigger change:

(so c72c6160d967 removes compaction support).

my bad, we managed to create a mess of patches for 4.1, so Andrew had to
manually pick up and alter some commits. it didn't work well for that one.

so we can either add missing compaction sysfs attr, or revert this change.
Minchan Kim and I prefer to revert this commit

since it doesn't add any value to 4.1 per se.

I will re-submit it for 4.2 (along with the above mentioned bigger change).


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