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SubjectLTP] [ANNOUNCE] The Linux Test Project has been released for APRIL 2015
Good news everyone,

the Linux Test Project test suite stable release for *April 2015* has
been released.

Since the last release 183 patches by 23 authors were merged.

Notable changes are:

* Continued effort to cleanup up old testcases and test library
(Special thanks to Coccinelle and spatch for making this easier)

* More sleep() calls were changed into proper synchronization
which saves a few minutes on test run time

* Cleanups, fixes and new tests in network testcases

* New testcases for futex() syscall

* New testcases for select() and poll() timeouts

* New mmap() regression testcase

* New regression test for hugepage leak

* Fixes all over the codebase

The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux
and can be downloaded at:

The project pages as well as GIT repository are hosted on GitHub for
quite some time now:

If you ever wondered how to run LTP or write a testcase, don't miss our
developer documentation and articles at:

Patches, new tests, bugs, comments or questions should go to
to our mailing list at

Cyril Hrubis

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