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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] pinctrl: mediatek: Adjust mt8173 pinctrl kconfig
On Friday 13 March 2015 14:46:35 Yingjoe Chen wrote:
> > which will let you turn on the options if COMPILE_TEST is set, but not
> > let you turn them off when the drivers are required.
> Yes, this is preferred. Because we don't have MACH_MT8173, so it is
> possible a ARM64 + ARCH_MEDIATEK system doesn't need PINCTRL_MT8173, so
> we still need 2 slightly different logic. Is it OK if I do this?
> Also add some comments so future SoCs can follow the correct template.
> # For ARMv7 SoCs
> config PINCTRL_MT8135
> bool "Mediatek MT8135 pin control" if COMPILE_TEST && !MACH_MT8135
> default MACH_MT8135
> # For ARMv8 SoCs
> config PINCTRL_MT8173
> bool "Mediatek MT8173 pin control"
> depends on ARM64 || COMPILE_TEST
> default ARM64

Looks good with one modification: please make it

default ARM64 && ARCH_MEDIATEK

so the driver does not get turned on by default for ARM64 configurations that
do not contain support for mediatek chips.


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