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    SubjectLinux 3.17-rc3
    I'm back to the usual Sunday release schedule, and -rc3 is out there
    now. As expected, it is larger than rc2, since people are clearly
    getting back from their Kernel Summit travels etc. But happily, it's
    not *much* larger than rc2 was, and there's nothing particularly odd
    going on, so I'm going to just ignore the whole "it's summer"
    argument, and hope that things are just going that well.

    Please don't prove me wrong,



    Addy Ke (1):
    spi/rockchip: fixup incorrect dma direction setting

    Alan Cox (2):
    spi/pxa2xx: Add ACPI ID for Intel Braswell
    ACPI / LPSS: Add ACPI IDs for Intel Braswell

    Alan Douglas (1):
    xtensa: fix address checks in dma_{alloc,free}_coherent

    Alex Deucher (1):
    drm/radeon: handle broken disabled rb mask gracefully (6xx/7xx) (v2)

    Alex Shi (1):
    vexpress/spc: fix a build warning on array bounds

    Alex Williamson (1):
    radeon: Test for PCI root bus before assuming bus->self

    Alexander Usyskin (2):
    mei: reset client state on queued connect request
    mei: nfc: fix memory leak in error path

    Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
    usb: dbgp gadget: fix use after free in dbgp_unbind()

    Anand Jain (2):
    Btrfs: device_list_add() should not update list when mounted
    btrfs: check generation as replace duplicates devid+uuid

    Andi Kleen (1):
    intel_pstate: Turn per cpu printk into pr_debug

    Andreas Noever (1):
    thunderbolt: Clear hops before overwriting

    Andrey Ryabinin (1):
    ARM: 8127/1: module: add support for R_ARM_TARGET1 relocations

    Andy Shevchenko (3):
    x86: Fix non-PC platform kernel crash on boot due to NULL dereference
    spi: dw-pci: fix bug when regs left uninitialized
    spi: dw: fix kernel crash due to NULL pointer dereference

    Arjun Sreedharan (1):
    usb: phy: return -ENODEV on failure of try_module_get

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
    drivers/rtc/rtc-s5m.c: re-add support for devices without irq specified

    Ben Hutchings (1):
    ocfs2: do not write error flag to user structure we cannot copy from/to

    Benjamin Tissoires (1):
    HID: logitech-dj: prevent false errors to be shown

    Bjorn Andersson (1):
    pinctrl: qcom: apq8064: Correct interrupts in example

    Bo Shen (1):
    usb: atmel_usba_udc: fix it to deal with final dma channel

    Brennan Ashton (1):
    USB: option: add VIA Telecom CDS7 chipset device id

    Brian Norris (1):
    ARM: brcmstb: revert SMP support

    Bryan O'Donoghue (1):
    usb: pch_udc: usb gadget device support for Intel Quark X1000

    Chao Yu (1):
    zram: fix incorrect stat with failed_reads

    Chris Mason (1):
    Btrfs: fix filemap_flush call in btrfs_file_release

    Christian König (1):
    drm/radeon: save/restore the PD addr on suspend/resume

    Christoph Hellwig (2):
    block: cleanup error handling in sg_io
    block: support > 16 byte CDBs for SG_IO

    Clemens Ladisch (1):
    ALSA: core: fix buffer overflow in snd_info_get_line()

    Dan Carpenter (4):
    pinctrl: tegra-xusb: fix an off by one test
    pinctrl: tegra-xusb: testing wrong variable in probe()
    usb: dwc3: omap: signedness bug in dwc3_omap_set_utmi_mode()
    video: of: display_timing: double free on error

    Darrick J. Wong (3):
    jbd2: fix infinite loop when recovering corrupt journal blocks
    jbd2: fix descriptor block size handling errors with journal_csum
    ext4: fix same-dir rename when inline data directory overflows

    Dave Jones (1):
    lib: turn CONFIG_STACKTRACE into an actual option.

    David Herrmann (1):
    drm: fix division-by-zero on dumb_create()

    Dmitry Monakhov (5):
    brd: add ram disk visibility option
    ext4: move i_size,i_disksize update routines to helper function
    ext4: fix incorect journal credits reservation in ext4_zero_range
    ext4: fix transaction issues for ext4_fallocate and ext_zero_range
    ext4: update i_disksize coherently with block allocation on error path

    Doug Anderson (1):
    spi/rockchip: Avoid accidentally turning off the clock

    Eric Sandeen (1):
    btrfs: fix leak in qgroup_subtree_accounting() error path

    Fabio Estevam (2):
    ARM: dts: imx53-qsrb: Fix suspend/resume
    mfd: ab8500-core: Use 'ifdef' for config options

    Filipe Brandenburger (1):
    xattr: fix check for simultaneous glibc header inclusion

    Filipe Manana (5):
    Btrfs: race free update of commit root for ro snapshots
    Btrfs: ensure tmpfile inode is always persisted with link count of 0
    Btrfs: fix hole detection during file fsync
    Btrfs: don't monopolize a core when evicting inode
    Btrfs: clone, don't create invalid hole extent map

    Geert Uytterhoeven (3):
    spi: sh-msiof: Fix leaking of unused DMA descriptors
    spi: rspi: Fix leaking of unused DMA descriptors
    spi: sh-msiof: Fix transmit-only DMA transfers

    Gioh Kim (1):
    Documentation/dma-buf-sharing.txt: update API descriptions

    Greg KH (3):
    USB: serial: pl2303: add device id for ztek device
    Revert "usb: ehci/ohci-exynos: Fix PHY getting sequence"
    USB: fix build error with CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME disabled

    Grygorii Strashko (1):
    spi: davinci: fix SPI_NO_CS functionality

    Guenter Roeck (1):
    unicore32: Fix build error

    Hans Wennborg (5):
    pinctrl: pinctrl-at91.c: fix decimal printf format specifiers
    prefixed with 0x
    usb: musb: ux500: fix decimal printf format specifiers prefixed with 0x
    mfd: omap-usb-host: Fix %d confusingly prefixed with 0x in format string
    mfd: htc-i2cpld: Fix %d confusingly prefixed with 0x in format string
    ARM: OMAP: fix %d confusingly prefixed with 0x in format string

    Hans de Goede (2):
    xhci: Treat not finding the event_seg on COMP_STOP the same as
    xhci: Disable streams on Via XHCI with device-id 0x3432

    Heiko Carstens (2):
    s390: wire up seccomp and getrandom syscalls
    s390: wire up memfd_create syscall

    Heiko Stübner (1):
    MAINTAINERS: catch special Rockchip code locations

    Himangi Saraogi (1):
    usb: phy: drop kfree of devm_kzalloc's data

    Holger Paradies (1):
    staging/rtl8188eu: add 0df6:0076 Sitecom Europe B.V.

    HuKeping (1):
    Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt: add ARM description

    Huang Rui (1):
    usb: xhci: amd chipset also needs short TX quirk

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    x86,mm: fix pte_special versus pte_numa

    Ian Abbott (1):
    video: da8xx-fb: preserve display width when changing HSYNC

    James Forshaw (1):
    USB: whiteheat: Added bounds checking for bulk command response

    Jaša Bartelj (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio: Added PID for new ekey device

    Jeff Layton (1):
    locks: pass correct "before" pointer to locks_unlink_lock in

    Jens Axboe (3):
    blk-mq: get rid of unused BLK_MQ_F_SHOULD_SORT flag
    blk-mq: don't allow merges if turned off for the queue
    blk-mq: correct a few wrong/bad comments

    Jiang Liu (2):
    x86: irq: Fix bug in setting IOAPIC pin attributes
    x86, irq, PCI: Keep IRQ assignment for runtime power management

    Jingoo Han (3):
    usb: phy: samsung: Fix wrong bit mask for PHYPARAM1_PCS_TXDEEMPH
    usb: dwc2: gadget: Set the default EP max packet value as 8 bytes
    drm: sti: Add missing dependency on RESET_CONTROLLER

    Jiri Kosina (2):
    HID: magicmouse: sanity check report size in raw_event() callback
    HID: picolcd: sanity check report size in raw_event() callback

    Joe Perches (1):
    checkpatch: relax check for length of git commit IDs

    Johan Hovold (7):
    USB: option: reduce interrupt-urb logging verbosity
    Revert "USB: option,zte_ev: move most ZTE CDMA devices to zte_ev"
    USB: zte_ev: remove duplicate Gobi PID
    USB: zte_ev: remove duplicate Qualcom PID
    USB: ftdi_sio: add Basic Micro ATOM Nano USB2Serial PID
    USB: serial: fix potential stack buffer overflow
    USB: serial: fix potential heap buffer overflow

    Jon Medhurst (Tixy) (1):
    video: ARM CLCD: Fix calculation of bits-per-pixel

    Jorge A. Ventura (1):
    spi/omap-mcspi: Fix the spi task hangs waiting dma_rx

    Josef Bacik (1):
    trace: Fix epoll hang when we race with new entries

    Julia Lawall (2):
    usb: gadget: fix error return code
    drivers: video: fbdev: atmel_lcdfb.c: fix error return code

    Junxiao Bi (3):
    ocfs2: o2net: don't shutdown connection when idle timeout
    ocfs2: o2net: set tcp user timeout to max value
    ocfs2: quorum: add a log for node not fenced

    Juri Lelli (1):
    ARM: 8130/1: cpuidle/cpuidle-big_little: fix reading cpu id part number

    Kees Cook (1):
    mm/zpool: use prefixed module loading

    Kiran Padwal (1):
    drm: sti: Make of_device_id array const

    Kuninori Morimoto (2):
    ARM: shmobile: r8a7790: add missing 0x0100 for SDCKCR
    ARM: shmobile: r8a7791: add missing 0x0100 for SDCKCR

    Lan Tianyu (1):
    ACPI: Run fixed event device notifications in process context

    Larry Finger (1):
    staging: r8188eu: Add new USB ID

    Li RongQing (1):
    Revert "usb: gadget: u_ether: synchronize with transmit when
    stopping queue"

    Linus Torvalds (1):
    Linux 3.17-rc3

    Linus Walleij (1):
    mfd: tc3589x: Add device tree bindings

    Liu Bo (3):
    Btrfs: fix regression of btrfs device replace
    Btrfs: fix crash on endio of reading corrupted block
    Btrfs: fix task hang under heavy compressed write

    Lothar Waßmann (1):
    pwm-backlight: Fix bogus request for GPIO#0 when instantiated from DT

    Lv Zheng (2):
    ACPI / EC: Add support to disallow QR_EC to be issued when
    SCI_EVT isn't set
    ACPI / EC: Add support to disallow QR_EC to be issued before
    completing previous QR_EC

    Manuel Lauss (1):
    spi: spi-au1550: fix build failure

    Mark (1):
    USB: storage: add quirk for Newer Technology uSCSI SCSI-USB converter

    Mark Brown (2):
    ARM: dts: Remove twl6030 clk32g "regulator"
    cpufreq: s5pv210: Remove spurious __init annotation

    Mark Einon (1):
    staging: et131x: Fix errors caused by phydev->addr accesses
    before initialisation

    Mark Rutland (2):
    ARM: 8128/1: abort: don't clear the exclusive monitors
    ARM: 8129/1: errata: work around Cortex-A15 erratum 830321 using
    dummy strex

    Markus Pargmann (1):
    ARM: OMAP2+: omap_device: remove warning that clk alias already exists

    Martin Schwidefsky (3):
    s390: add system information as device randomness
    s390/3215: fix tty output containing tabs
    s390/sclp: remove unnecessary XTABS flag

    Mathias Nyman (1):
    xhci: rework cycle bit checking for new dequeue pointers

    Matthew Wilcox (1):
    mm: actually clear pmd_numa before invalidating

    Max Filippov (23):
    xtensa: simplify addition of new core variants
    xtensa: make MMU-related configuration options depend on MMU
    xtensa: sort 'select' statements in Kconfig
    xtensa: select HAVE_IDE only on platforms that may have it
    xtensa: remove orphan MATH_EMULATION symbol
    xtensa: replace IOCTL code definitions with constants
    xtensa: fix access to THREAD_RA/THREAD_SP/THREAD_DS
    xtensa: make fixmap region addressing grow with index
    xtensa: allow fixmap and kmap span more than one page table
    xtensa: fix TLBTEMP_BASE_2 region handling in fast_second_level_miss
    xtensa: implement clear_user_highpage and copy_user_highpage
    xtensa: support aliasing cache in k[un]map_atomic
    xtensa: support aliasing cache in kmap
    xtensa: support highmem in aliasing cache flushing code
    xtensa: configure kc705 for highmem
    xtensa: fix kernel/user jump out of fast_unaligned
    xtensa: add double exception fixup handler for fast_unaligned
    xtensa: make fast_unaligned store restartable
    xtensa: move invalid unaligned instruction handler closer to its users
    xtensa: allow single-stepping through unaligned load/store
    xtensa: fix a6 and a7 handling in fast_syscall_xtensa
    xtensa: don't allow overflow/underflow on unaligned stack
    xtensa: deprecate fast_xtensa and fast_spill_registers syscalls

    Miao Xie (7):
    Btrfs: fix put dio bio twice when we submit dio bio fail
    Btrfs: fix unzeroed members in fs_devices when creating a fs from seed fs
    Btrfs: fix wrong missing device counter decrease
    Btrfs: Fix the problem that the replace destroys the seed filesystem
    Btrfs: don't write any data into a readonly device when scrub
    Btrfs: Fix wrong device size when we are resizing the device
    Btrfs: don't consider the missing device when allocating new chunks

    Michael Cree (1):
    alpha: Wire up sched_setattr, sched_getattr, and renameat2 syscalls.

    Michael Grzeschik (1):
    usb: gadget: uvc: fix possible lockup in uvc gadget

    Michael Holzheu (1):
    s390/kdump: Clear subchannel ID to signal non-CCW/SCSI IPL

    Michael Welling (1):
    kexec: purgatory: add clean-up for purgatory directory

    Michal Hocko (1):
    hugetlb_cgroup: use lockdep_assert_held rather than spin_is_locked

    Michal Simek (1):
    block: systemace: Remove .owner field for driver

    Mika Westerberg (1):
    cpufreq: intel_pstate: Add CPU ID for Braswell processor

    Miklos Szeredi (1):
    xtensa: add renameat2 syscall

    Mikulas Patocka (1):
    dm crypt: fix access beyond the end of allocated space

    Ming Lei (1):
    blk-mq: fix WARNING "percpu_ref_kill() called more than once!"

    Nishanth Menon (1):
    ARM: dts: DRA7: fix interrupt-cells for GPIO

    Patrice CHOTARD (1):
    pinctrl: abx500: remove useless check

    Peter Chen (4):
    usb: dwc2: gadget: fix below build warning
    usb: core: fix below build warning
    usb: wusbcore: fix below build warning
    usb: ehci: using wIndex + 1 for hub port

    Philippe Reynes (1):
    usb: gadget: remove $(PWD) in ccflags-y

    Phong Tran (1):
    tools: selftests: fix build issue with make kselftests target

    Pranith Kumar (4):
    staging: lustre: Remove circular dependency on header
    fbdev: Remove __init from chips_hw_init() to fix build failure
    Documentation: this_cpu_ops.txt: Update description of this_cpu_ops
    flush_icache_range: export symbol to fix build errors

    Qu Wenruo (2):
    btrfs: Return right extent when fiemap gives unaligned offset and len.
    btrfs: Use right extent length when inserting overlap extent map.

    Rabeeh Khoury (1):
    ARM: dts: microsom-ar8035: MDIO pad must be set open drain

    Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
    ACPI / scan: Allow ACPI drivers to bind to PNP device objects

    Rajendra Nayak (2):
    ARM: DRA7: Add support for soc_is_dra74x() and soc_is_dra72x() variants
    ARM: DRA7: hwmod: Add dra74x and dra72x specific ocp interface lists

    Randy Dunlap (1):
    scripts/kernel-doc: recognize __meminit

    Rasmus Villemoes (2):
    ALSA: hda: ca0132_regs.h: Fix typo in include guard
    ALSA: ctxfi: ct20k1reg: Fix typo in include guard

    Rickard Strandqvist (1):
    staging: lustre: lustre: libcfs: workitem.c: Cleaning up missing
    null-terminate after strncpy call

    Rob Clark (4):
    drm/msm: avoid flood of kernel logs on faults
    drm/msm/mdp4: request vblank during modeset
    drm/msm: fix compile error for non-dt builds
    ww-mutex: clarify help text for DEBUG_WW_MUTEX_SLOWPATH

    Roger Quadros (5):
    mtd: nand: omap: Revert to using software ECC by default
    ARM: OMAP2+: GPMC: Support Software ECC scheme via DT
    ARM: dts: omap3430-sdp: Revert to using software ECC for NAND
    mtd: nand: omap: Fix 1-bit Hamming code scheme, omap_calculate_ecc()
    usb: hub: Prevent hub autosuspend if usbcore.autosuspend is -1

    Russell King (2):
    ARM: dts: hummingboard/cubox-i: add USB OC pinctrl configuration
    ARM: dts: hummingboard/cubox-i: change SPDIF output to be more descriptive

    Sabrina Dubroca (1):
    block: fix error handling in sg_io

    Sagi Grimberg (1):
    block: Fix BUG_ON when pi errors occur

    Sergei Shtylyov (1):
    sh-pfc: r8a7791: fix CAN pin groups

    Seunghun Lee (1):
    staging: android: fix a possible memory leak

    Simon Horman (1):
    ARM: shmobile: sh73a0: Remove spurious 0x from SCIFB clock name

    Sonny Rao (1):
    pinctrl: rockchip: fix rk3288 gpio0 configuration

    Stephen Hemminger (1):
    USB: sisusb: add device id for Magic Control USB video

    Takashi Iwai (3):
    usbcore: Fix wrong device in an error message in hub_port_connect()
    ALSA: pcm: Fix the silence data for DSD formats
    ALSA: hda - Set up initial pins for Acer Aspire V5

    Tang Chen (1):
    memblock, memhotplug: fix wrong type in memblock_find_in_range_node().

    Tejun Heo (1):
    blk-mq: blk_mq_freeze_queue() should allow nesting

    Tero Kristo (1):
    ARM: dts: omap54xx-clocks: Fix the l3 and l4 clock rates

    Tetsuo Handa (1):
    tomoyo: Fix pathname calculation breakage.

    Theodore Ts'o (2):
    ext4: propagate errors up to ext4_find_entry()'s callers
    ext4: fix BUG_ON in mb_free_blocks()

    Thierry Reding (3):
    spi: Add missing kerneldoc bits
    dma-buf/fence: Fix a kerneldoc warning
    dma-buf/fence: Fix one more kerneldoc warning

    Tomasz Figa (1):
    pinctrl: exynos: Lock GPIOs as interrupts when used as EINTs

    Tony Battersby (2):
    scsi-mq: fix requests that use a separate CDB buffer
    fix regression in SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND

    Tony Lindgren (3):
    ARM: dts: Enable UART wake-up events for beagleboard
    ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Rearm wake-up interrupts for DT when MUSB is idled
    mfd: twl4030-power: Fix PM idle pin configuration to not
    conflict with regulators

    Toshiaki Makita (2):
    cfq-iosched: Fix wrong children_weight calculation
    cfq-iosched: Add comments on update timing of weight

    Trond Myklebust (3):
    NFSv4: Fix problems with close in the presence of a delegation
    NFSv4: Don't clear the open state when we just did an OPEN_DOWNGRADE
    NFSv3: Fix another acl regression

    Valentina Manea (4):
    usbip: move usbip userspace code out of staging
    usbip: move usbip kernel code out of staging
    usbip: remove struct usb_device_id table
    MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for USB/IP driver

    Vivek Gautam (1):
    usb: ehci/ohci-exynos: Fix PHY getting sequence

    Vivek Goyal (4):
    resource: fix the case of null pointer access
    kexec: create a new config option CONFIG_KEXEC_FILE for new syscall
    kexec: remove CONFIG_KEXEC dependency on crypto
    x86/purgatory: use approprate -m64/-32 build flag for arch/x86/purgatory

    Wang Shilong (2):
    Btrfs: fix wrong write range for filemap_fdatawrite_range()
    Btrfs: fix wrong extent mapping for DirectIO

    Wei Yongjun (8):
    usb: gadget: Fix return value check in ep_write()
    usb: gadget: Fix return value check in r8a66597_probe()
    usb: phy: msm: Fix return value check in msm_otg_probe()
    drm: sti: tvout: fix return value check in sti_tvout_probe()
    drm: sti: hdmi: fix return value check in sti_hdmi_probe()
    drm: sti: hda: fix return value check in sti_hda_probe()
    drm: sti: Fix return value check in sti_drm_platform_probe()
    drm/msm: Fix missing unlock on error in msm_fbdev_create()

    Will Deacon (1):
    alpha: io: implement relaxed accessor macros for writes

    Y.C. Chen (1):
    drm/ast: Add missing entry to dclk_table[]

    chandan (1):
    Btrfs: fill_holes: Fix slot number passed to hole_mergeable() call.
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