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SubjectRequesting help in understanding commit 7cccd8, i.e. disabling preemption in slub.c:slab_alloc_node
Hi everybody,

I am trying to figure out the race condition that commit 7cccd8 fixes.
The commit disables preemption in between the retrieval of the per-cpu
slab and the subsequent read of the slab's tid. According to the
commit message, this change helps avoid allocating from the wrong node
in slab_alloc. But try as I might, I can't see how allocating from the
wrong node, let alone the wrong cpu, could ever happen with or without
preemption. Isn't the globally-unique per-cpu tid the mechanism that's
supposed to guard against allocating from the wrong cpu or node? In
what way does this mechanism fail in slab_alloc_node, and how does
disabling preemption during the retrieval of the tid mitigate this
failure? Would really appreciate if somebody took the time to explain
this to a newbie like me.


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