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Subjectprintk: One small fixup for patch 5/8


this is a small fixup for the patch 5/8 (printk: Hand over printing to
console if printing too long) in my printk series. It fixes a bogus warning
on non-preemptible kernels. Please just fold it into that patch (I can
resend the patch or the series but I don't think that's necessary for such
a small fixup).

Signed-off-by: Jan Kara <>

diff --git a/kernel/printk/printk.c b/kernel/printk/printk.c
index 0910e1894224..cb7e06850eb5 100644
--- a/kernel/printk/printk.c
+++ b/kernel/printk/printk.c
@@ -2022,7 +2022,7 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL(console_trylock);
static int console_lock_try_spin(void)
- WARN_ON_ONCE(!in_atomic());
+ WARN_ON_ONCE(preemptible());
/* Someone already spinning? Don't waste cpu time... */
if (test_and_set_bit(PRINTK_CONSOLE_SPIN_B, &printk_handover_state))
return 0;

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