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SubjectDebian("FOSS") all about "women in tech" now, and systemd.
Debian is all about "women in tech" now, and systemd.

If you look at many of the posts are about
promoting women in tech, embezzling contributed money of FOSS
projects to give to women in tech. Many of the "developers"
contributions have been to 1) Package something and then
2) promoting women in tech.

Lots of talk about "transgender" this, "women in tech" that:
*Trans Gender Moves - Rhonda D'Vine:
bla bla bla lives of three people: A transman,
a transwoman and an intersexual person.
bla bla bla

*Beware of trolls - do not feed - Erich Schubert:
bla bla anti-feminist hate for 10 years bla bla

*Help empower the Debian Outreach Program for Women -
bla bla bla took money give to women bla bla bla

*Switching to systemd-networkd - retarded picture of some guy
bla bla bla systemd awsome bla bla bla

Basically: "Thanks men for what you did in the past,
fuck you. Women are going to be running things now.
Fuck you again" "Oh look a woman who hates men, pour
contributors money on her" "Oh look a man who writes
free software whom is against our social politics -
delete his stuff, report him to the police"

There are pictures of people with bolts through their face
everywhere. Pictures of chubby feminist women. Pictures of
women with very short hair, bolts through their faces,
apple computers, and fat. Hell of alot of talk and praise
for systemd too.

Why do these things go together? When did the freesoftware
movement become about feminist women, packaging, and systemd?

It used to be about software freedom. Now it's about
women's freedom and deleting any freesoftware who's author
is against women's freedom.

It used to be a, as they say, "male space", now it is a
"space" where undesirable "males" have been run out.

All that's left are the guys with bolts through their face,
women with bolts through their face and short hair (and fat),
and alot of talk of taking things and putting them in ar
archives in a certain manner. Oh and getting rid of undesirable
males, regardless of what "software" or "media" they
produce under freesoftware licenses: what matters is conforming
to the correct opinion: women's rights!*

Someone who writes freesoftware but hates feminism == troll.
Calls for imprisonment ensue. Deletion of work occurs.
(Those who dislike systemd are also trolls)

Woman who does not write freesoftware but supports feminism
== should be paied (community building!). Loves systemd for
some reason too.

If you do nothing but support feminism and attempt to
make sure every man in opensource does too: you are a great
boon to the "opensource community"

If you write freesoftware, release free media of every type
and in quantity, but hate feminism, you are a "plague"
on the "opensource community".

What happened?

*(Said men are skinny as a rail, and the women are as big as
a small car)

These people are just using what productive men built for
their own devices: to promote freaks and fucks, while contributing
little or nothing back and ruling the roost.

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