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SubjectFedora Kernel Patch Report
Hi All,

Below is a patch report of the various patches Fedora is carrying on
top of the listed upstream kernel, and why we're carrying it. Greg
said he'd like to see such a report, so I plan on sending one a month
or so. Feel free to ping me with any questions you have. Also, if
there's additional info you'd like to see, just let me know.

3.11 based (F19/F20 (this also basically applied to rawhide as well,
which is 3.12 merge window):

net-sctp-fix-ipv6-ipsec-encryption-bug-in-sctp_v6_xmit.patch (rhbz 1007903)
- Backport of upstream commit
95ee62083cb6453e056562d91f597552021e6ae7 for security reasons.

tuntap-correctly-handle-error-in-tun_set_iff.patch (rhbz 1007741)
- Backport of upstream commit
662ca437e714caaab855b12415d6ffd815985bc0 for security reasons.

crypto-fix-race-in-larval-lookup.patch (rhbz 1002351)
- Backport of upstream commit 77dbd7a95e4a4f15264c333a9e9ab97ee27dc2aa

acpi-pcie-hotplug-conflict.patch (rhbz 963991)
- Backport of upstream commit 3dc48af310709b85d07c8b0d3aa8f1ead02829d3

rt2800-rearrange-bbp-rfcsr-initialization.patch (rhbz 1000679)

- This is a backport of all of the HID CVE fixes Kees and Benjamin
did. I believe all of them are now in Jiri's tree and on their way to
Linus and stable.

- Fixes MEI reset issues for a number of machines. Queued for stable.

(rhbz 963715)
- Backport of upstream b43ea8068d2090cb1e44632c8a938ab40d2c7419

iwl4965-better-skb-management-in-rx-path.patch (rhbz 977040)
- Backport of commits 45fe142cefa864b685615bcb930159f6749c3667 and

- This is something the Fedora ppc secondary team wanted I think.
Posted here:

cve-2013-2147-ciss-info-leak.patch (rhbz 971249)
- Patch from security people.

fix-child-thread-introspection.patch (rhbz 927469)
- Fixed upstream with commit 73af963f9f3036dffed55c3a2898598186db1045

ath9k_rx_dma_stop_check.patch (rhbz 892811)
- Fixes some DMA issue on specific hardware. Taken from

vt-Drop-K_OFF-for-VC_MUTE.patch (rhbz 859485)
- Fixes to vt K_OFF. This was posted upstream but needs poking.

- Allow e.g. gdb to only ptrace it's children and not random things.
Upstream asked Fedora to carry this for a while. Needs poking.

- We keep seeing soft lockup detector reports on virt guests where
the host was busy and didn't schedule the guest in time. We disable
the detector on guests now.

- I believe this is queued up in Matt Flemming's tree now.

- Bastien added this to fix intermittent hangs on a Macbook Air 1,1.
Should probably poke at it.

- Fedora secure boot support.

- Patches from David Howells to expand keyrings. Can be found in his git tree.

- Patches from David Howells to support KRB usecases with keyrings.
Can be found in his git tree.

- Patches from David Howells to improve x509 cert support, including
introducing a system_trusted_keyring. Can be found in his git tree.

- The patch to add /dev/crash. Dave Anderson keeps making this work (mostly).

- We rebase the kernel often. Virtual Box breaks when we do it. We
don't support Virtual Box, so we taint it with the C flag. We could
likely drop this as it is automatically tainted with O now.

There are a crapton of ARM patches. I'm not going to go over those
because I honestly have no idea what they're for, where a lot of them
come from, or what their upstream status is.

We have a small number of debug or "silence stupid messages" patches
that have been there for years. They're minor.


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