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SubjectAbout [PATCH 1/2] regulator: core: Provide a dummy regulator with full constraints
Hi, Mark
In the latest regulator framework, it default to provide dummy
regulators with full constraints by your patch "regulator: core: Provide
a dummy regulator with full constraints".
I tried to use regulator_get() on lm90.c. If not set vcc-supply property
in the dts file to assume the regulator is physically present and
enabled, but it still can't get dummy regulator, just return -ENODEV.
I traced it, the regulator_dev_lookup() will return -ENODEV, and at that
time the has_full_constraints is still false, didn't be initialized in
regulator_init_complete() yet, so it will not return dummy regulator,
and will not return -EPROBE_DEFER either. This will cause the
lm90_probe() failed.

Could you take a look ?


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