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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] kconfig: remove unused definition from scanner
On Wednesday 02 October 2013 08:57:54 Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 October 2013 08:42:59 Dirk Gouders wrote:
> > I think you should also regenerate the scanner and add
> > the new zconf.lex.c_shipped to this patch.
> I think sending the re-generated parser as a separate patch helps
> in reviewing. Ie. I'd prefer a fifth patch.
> BTW, regenerating the parser can be done with:
> make REGENERATE_PARSERS=1 config

Actually, I regenerated the scanner. However, the results did not change
after applying the patch, because the definition that the patch removes
(ws) is not used anywhere. It is only a cleanup.

Regenerating the scanner and the parser code with newer versions of
flex and bison results in code changes. However, they are not related to
the patch, but originate from updates in flex and bison.
Therefore I did not see any point in including the regenerated files in
this patch set.

Of course, if you see any benefit in regenerating the *_shipped files, I can
still do so.

Martin Walch

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