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SubjectRe: 3.5-rcX: USB support without udev?
> If I knew what was missing, I'd create it and be done with it.  Here's
> the scenario... Kernel built from the standard tree. All
> drivers needed at boot time are built-in, except now there's probably
> something missing on the USB side of things. No initrd.

Are modules turned off as well?

> I'll attach my
> config file on the good chance someone will spot the missing piece(s)
> quickly. Note that the DEVTMPFS options are disabled in this config,
> but I'll reenable them if required. When I said devtmpfs "didn't help,"
> what I meant was, by itself relative to my current configuration, turning
> on devtmpfs made no difference.

I cannot see your attached files, but is there any chance this is
about HID, not USB?

> Per the syslog entries I included in my initial post on this thread, the
> only difference between the pre- and post- usbfs removal cases seems to
> be whatever is needed for the input subsystem to see the USB keyboard
> and mouse. I see the USB hubs and attached devices getting detected,
> but whatever "glue" allows the keyboard and mouse to work isn't there,
> and the input subsystem doesn't emit the expected messages at boot time.

If you did a 'make oldconfig' on anything prior to -rc5, chances are
you do not have CONFIG_HID_GENERIC=y in your .config.


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