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SubjectPorting older Harvard architecture kernel patch to latest stable kernel (3.4.4)
[cc'ing Ingo for the NX-bit similarity in the patch and the authors of
the paper]

Hi all,

I recently came across a code injection prevention framework [2] (and
the paper related to it [1]) that patches a kernel to emulate a
Harvard architecture whereby the authors of the paper show in [1] that
code injections don't have any affect. One of the features of this
patch is the non-executable pages (similar to the NX-bit provided by
processors) provided to provide the separation between code and data.
If you notice the patch that is present in [2] is for 2.6.13 and I
know that they have been _many_ changes to the APIs and such since
then, so where can I find more information on how to port this patch
to the latest stable kernel? I realize parts of the patch are obsolete
however newer API which can remove some of the clutter from the
original patch. Is there a script that can be used to map some of the
API so I can replace those parts or is it just trial and error? Thanks
for your time. (I can attach the patch from the archive if needed, I
didn't add it because I'm cc'ing other people)



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