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SubjectRe: No more Linux 2.4 releases
On Monday 09 April 2012, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> However since the break-in, I was surprized to see that some users have
> asked where to find the 2.4 git tree to pick some fixes from it. After
> discussing with several of them, it appears that they're not really
> interested in releases, rather just in having a place where fixes are
> centralized and that the git tree is perfect for this. So I revived the
> git tree in my account and will probably push a patch there once in a
> while if people ask for this, but with no guarantees.

Thanks for putting it back. I was recently in the situation of trying
to figure out where some code came from. Having an easy way to see
if it was in 2.4 definitely helps there.

I'm still looking for a copy of the "historic" kernels that we used
to have on, but that's not your problem.


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