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    SubjectLinux 3.4-rc4
    Things looked fairly calm for a while, but that certainly changed
    yesterday. I think either people time their pulls for the -rc releases
    too, or it's just a matter of many developers actually having a
    somewhat normal Mon-Fri workweek these days and they close the week by
    sending my their pull request. Regardless of why, it meant that my
    "oh, things are really calming down nicely" state on Thursday changed
    to "Uhhuh, not quite yet" on Friday - when more than half the commits
    for this whole -rc release came in.

    Oh well.

    That said, even with the uptick on Friday, I do think things have been
    fairly calm. We've got a few reverts and a few cleanups, but the bulk
    of it is trivial small fixes. Almost all of it in drivers with a few
    filesystem updates (many of them endianness fixes from Al) thrown in
    too. The traditional (non-rename) diff is dominated by a m68k bootlogo
    movement, but we all use those nice git diffs these days, don't we?
    Then it's 50% drivers (usb, mfd, xen, mmc, gpu, media..), 20% arch,
    15+% fs, and a smattering of random stuff.

    But none of it really looks all that scary. It looks like the 3.4
    release is all on track, but please do holler if you see regressions.

    I'll be mostly off-line for a couple of days (scuba cylinder
    inspection class etc), but if this pattern of "people send me stuff on
    Friday" holds true, I guess nobody will actually care. Plus I will
    have my laptop and work environment, so if something *does* come up,
    we're fine anyway, I'm just not quite as on-line as I normally am.



    Aaro Koskinen (1):
    ARM: OMAP1: mux: add missing include

    Adrian Hunter (2):
    mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 discard operation
    mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 sanitize operation

    Ajay Kumar Gupta (1):
    usb: musb: fix bug in musb_cleanup_urb

    Al Viro (15):
    nfsd: fix b0rken error value for setattr on read-only mount
    nfsd: fix error values returned by nfsd4_lockt() when nfsd_open() fails
    nfsd: fix endianness breakage in TEST_STATEID handling
    nfsd: fix error value on allocation failure in nfsd4_decode_test_stateid()
    nfsd: fix compose_entry_fh() failure exits
    ext4: fix endianness breakage in ext4_split_extent_at()
    btrfs: btrfs_root_readonly() broken on big-endian
    ocfs2: ->l_next_free_req breakage on big-endian
    ocfs: ->rl_used breakage on big-endian
    ocfs2: ->rl_count endianness breakage
    ocfs2: ->e_leaf_clusters endianness breakage
    lockd: fix the endianness bug
    aio: don't bother with unmapping when aio_free_ring() is coming
    from exit_aio()
    perfmon: kill some helpers and arguments
    kill mm argument of vm_munmap()

    Alan Stern (3):
    USB: fix deadlock in bConfigurationValue attribute method
    EHCI: fix criterion for resuming the root hub
    EHCI: always clear the STS_FLR status bit

    Alex Deucher (1):
    drm/radeon/si: add missing radeon_bo_unreserve in si_rlc_init() v2

    Alex Williamson (2):
    KVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed
    KVM: lock slots_lock around device assignment

    Alexander Shiyan (1):
    ARM: clps711x: serial driver hungs are a result of call
    disable_irq within ISR

    Alexey Khoroshilov (1):
    [media] drxk: Does not unlock mutex if sanity check failed in

    Anand Avati (1):
    fuse: O_DIRECT support for files

    Anatolij Gustschin (1):
    USB: ehci-fsl: Fix kernel crash on mpc5121e

    Andre Przywara (1):
    hwmon: fam15h_power: fix bogus values with current BIOSes

    Andrzej Pietrasiewicz (3):
    usb: gadget: FunctionFS: clear FFS_FL_BOUND flag on unbind (bugfix)
    usb: gadget: FunctionFS: make module init & exit __init & __exit
    usb: gadget: eliminate NULL pointer dereference (bugfix)

    Anton Tikhomirov (5):
    usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix TX FIFOs allocation
    usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix maximum patcket size setting for EP0
    usb: s3c-hsotg: Avoid TxFIFO corruption in DMA mode
    usb: s3c-hsotg: Fix big buffers transfer in DMA mode
    usb: dwc3: Free event buffers array

    Archit Taneja (1):
    ARM: OMAP2/3: VENC hwmods: Remove OCPIF_SWSUP_IDLE flag from
    VENC slave interface

    Avi Kivity (1):
    KVM: VMX: Fix kvm_set_shared_msr() called in preemptible context

    Bhupesh Sharma (1):
    usb: gadget: uvc: Remove non-required locking from
    'uvc_queue_next_buffer' routine

    Bjørn Mork (1):
    USB: sierra: avoid QMI/wwan interface on MC77xx

    Casey Schaufler (1):
    Smack: move label list initialization

    Chanho Park (1):
    perf archive: Correct cutting of symbolic link

    Chris Ball (1):
    mmc: omap_hsmmc: build fix for CONFIG_OF=y and CONFIG_MMC_OMAP_HS=m

    Chris Wilson (2):
    drm/i915: Hold mode_config lock whilst changing mode for lastclose()
    drm/i915: Do not set "Enable Panel Fitter" on SNB pageflips

    Chuanxiao Dong (1):
    mmc: remove MMC bus legacy suspend/resume method

    Dan Carpenter (1):
    sata_mv: silence an uninitialized variable warning

    Dan Williams (1):
    libata: make ata_print_id atomic

    Daniel Drake (1):
    mmc: sdhci: refine non-removable card checking for card detection

    Daniel Lezcano (1):
    mfd : Fix dbx500 compilation error

    Daniel Vetter (1):
    drm/i915: don't clobber the special upscaling lvds timings

    Dave Airlie (3):
    drm/radeon: disable MSI on RV515
    drm/usb: fix module license on drm/usb layer.
    drm/radeon: fix load detect on rn50 with hardcoded EDIDs.

    David Gibson (1):
    virtio_balloon: Fix endian bug

    David Härdeman (1):
    [media] rc-core: set mode for winbond-cir

    Dennis Chen (1):
    [S390] s390/char/vmur.c: fix memory leak

    Dmitry Artamonow (1):
    mfd: Fix asic3_gpio_to_irq

    Dong Aisheng (1):
    pinctrl: fix compile error if not select PINMUX support

    Eric Bénard (1):
    mmc: unbreak sdhci-esdhc-imx on i.MX25

    Eric Paris (1):
    fcaps: clear the same personality flags as suid when fcaps are used

    Fabio Estevam (2):
    ARM: imx_v4_v5_defconfig: Add support for CONFIG_REGULATOR_FIXED_VOLTAGE
    ARM: imx27-dt: Fix build due to removal of irq_domain_add_simple()

    Felipe Balbi (2):
    usb: gadget: udc-core: stop UDC on device-initiated disconnect
    usb: dwc3: ep0: increment "actual" on bounced ep0 case

    Fernando Guzman Lugo (1):
    ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: add softreset delay field and OMAP4 data

    Gerard Cauvy (1):
    usb: dwc3: ep0: add a default case for SetFeature command

    Gleb Natapov (1):
    KVM: PMU emulation: GLOBAL_CTRL MSR should be enabled on reset

    Govindraj.R (1):
    ARM: OMAP2+: UART: Fix incorrect population of default uart pads

    Grazvydas Ignotas (3):
    usb: musb: fix some runtime_pm issues
    usb: musb: wake the device before ulpi transfers
    ARM: OMAP: sram: fix BUG in dpll code for !PM case

    Greg Ungerer (4):
    m68knommu: remove the unused bootlogo.h processing for 68EZ328 and 68VZ328
    m68knommu: move and fix the 68VZ328 platform bootlogo.h
    m68knommu: fix id number for second eth device on 5275 ColdFire
    m68knommu: make sure 2nd FEC eth interface pins are enabled on
    5275 ColdFire

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (2):
    [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix two dead-locks
    [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix compilation breakage

    Guenter Roeck (1):
    hwmon: (ads1015) Fix build warning

    H Hartley Sweeten (1):
    mmc: cd-gpio: Include header to pickup exported symbol prototypes

    Heiko Carstens (2):
    [S390] irq: simple coding style change
    [S390] cpum_cf: get rid of compile warnings

    Henrik Rydberg (1):
    nouveau: Set special lane map for the right chipset

    Horia Geanta (1):
    crypto: talitos - properly lock access to global talitos registers

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    memcg: fix Bad page state after replace_page_cache

    J. Bruce Fields (1):
    nfsd: don't fail unchecked creates of non-special files

    Jaehoon Chung (1):
    mmc: dw_mmc: prevent NULL dereference for dma_ops

    Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD (2):
    ARM: at91: fix rm9200ek flash size
    ARM: at91: fix at91sam9261ek Ethernet dm9000 irq

    Jeff Layton (1):
    nfsd: include cld.h in the headers_install target

    Jerome Glisse (1):
    radeon: fix r600/agp when vram is after AGP (v3)

    Jesper Juhl (1):
    mpi: Avoid using freed pointer in mpi_lshift_limbs()

    Jim Meyering (1):
    drm/nouveau/pm: don't read/write beyond end of stack buffer

    Jiri Kosina (1):
    HID: tivo: fix support for bluetooth version of tivo Slide

    Jiri Olsa (2):
    perf session: Skip event correctly for unknown id/machine
    perf tools: Fix parsers' rules to dependencies

    Joachim Eastwood (5):
    ARM: at91: Export at91_st_base
    ARM: at91: Export at91_ramc_base
    ARM: at91: Export at91_pmc_base
    ARM: at91: Export at91_matrix_base
    ARM: at91: remove empty at91_init_serial function

    Joe Perches (1):
    checkpatch: revert --strict test for net/ and drivers/net block
    comment style

    Jonas Aaberg (1):
    ARM: ux500: wake secondary cpu via resched

    Jonghwan Choi (1):
    security: fix compile error in commoncap.c

    Joonyoung Shim (1):
    drm: fix page_flip error handling

    Josh Boyer (1):
    HID: default HID_BATTERY_STRENGTH to no

    Julia Lawall (4):
    [S390] drivers/s390/block/dasd_eckd.c: add missing dasd_sfree_request
    xen/grant-table: add error-handling code on failure of gnttab_resume
    drivers/usb/misc/usbtest.c: add kfrees
    drivers/tty/amiserial.c: add missing tty_unlock

    Kent Yoder (1):
    crypto: sha512 - Fix byte counter overflow in SHA-512

    Keshava Munegowda (1):
    ARM: OMAP3: USB: Fix the EHCI ULPI PHY reset issue

    Kishon Vijay Abraham I (2):
    usb: musb: omap: fix crash when musb glue (omap) gets initialized
    usb: gadget: udc-core: fix asymmetric calls in remove_driver

    Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (4):
    xen/blkback: Fix warning error.
    xen/xenbus: Add quirk to deal with misconfigured backends.
    xen/resume: Fix compile warnings.
    Revert "xen/p2m: m2p_find_override: use list_for_each_entry_safe"

    Kuninori Morimoto (1):
    ALSA: workaround: change the timing of alsa_sound_last_init()

    Lasse Collin (1):
    xz: Enable BCJ filters on SPARC and 32-bit x86

    Lee Jones (1):
    ARM: ux500: Fix unmet direct dependency

    Lin Ming (1):
    libata: forbid port runtime pm by default, fixing regression

    Linus Torvalds (5):
    Revert "ACPI: ignore FADT reset-reg-sup flag"
    VM: add "vm_brk()" helper function
    VM: add "vm_munmap()" helper function
    VM: add "vm_mmap()" helper function
    Linux 3.4-rc4

    Linus Walleij (1):
    ARM: ux500: update defconfig

    Lukasz Majewski (1):
    usb: gadget: rndis: fix Missing req->context assignment

    Marcos Paulo de Souza (1):
    drivers: gpu: drm: gma500: mdfld_dsi_output.h: Remove not
    unneeded include of version.h

    Martin Schwidefsky (2):
    [S390] fix tlb flushing for page table pages
    [S390] Fix compile error in swab.h

    Masami Hiramatsu (1):
    x86: Handle failures of parsing immediate operands in the
    instruction decoder

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
    [media] dvb_frontend: Fix a regression when switching back to DVB-S

    Michael Holzheu (3):
    [S390] kernel: Use local_irq_save() for memcpy_real()
    [S390] update default configuration
    [S390] Fix stfle() lowcore protection problem

    Michael Krufky (1):
    [media] xc5000: support 32MHz & 31.875MHz xtal using the 41.024.5 firmware

    Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
    virtio_balloon: fix handling of PAGE_SIZE != 4k

    Michał Wróbel (1):
    crypto: ixp4xx - include fix

    Miklos Szeredi (3):
    fuse: fix nlink after unlink
    fuse: allow nanosecond granularity
    fuse: use flexible array in fuse.h

    Moiz Sonasath (1):
    usb: dwc3: ep0: Handle requests greater than wMaxPacketSize

    Namhyung Kim (1):
    perf tools: Ignore auto-generated bison/flex files

    Nicolas Ferre (5):
    ARM: at91: fix typo in at91_pmc_base assembly declaration
    leds-atmel-pwm.c: Make pwmled_probe() __devinit
    USB: ohci-at91: change annotations for probe/remove functions
    USB: gadget/at91_udc: add gpio_to_irq() function to vbus interrupt
    dmaengine: Kconfig: fix Atmel at_hdmac entry

    Oliver Neukum (2):
    uwb: fix use of del_timer_sync() in interrupt
    uwb: fix error handling

    Paul Gortmaker (2):
    mfd: Fix modular builds of rc5t583 regulator support
    ARM: bcmring: fix UART declarations

    Paul Walmsley (2):
    ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Revert "ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Make
    omap_hwmod_softreset wait for reset status"
    ARM: OMAP1: DMTIMER: fix broken timer clock source selection

    Peter Chen (1):
    usb: fsl_udc_core: prime status stage once data stage has primed

    Peter Ujfalusi (1):
    mfd: Convert twl6040 to i2c driver, and separate it from twl core

    Prathyush (1):
    drm: Releasing FBs before releasing GEM objects during drm_release

    Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
    PCI: Retry BARs restoration for Type 0 headers only

    Rajendra Nayak (1):
    mmc: omap_hsmmc: Get rid of of_have_populated_dt() usage

    Randy Dunlap (2):
    Documentation: maintainer change
    ALSA: fix core/vmaster.c kernel-doc warning

    Ren Mingxin (1):
    virtio_blk: helper function to format disk names

    Robert Lee (1):
    ARM: imx: Fix imx5 idle logic bug

    Sachin Prabhu (2):
    Cleanup handling of NULL value passed for a mount option
    Fix number parsing in cifs_parse_mount_options

    Santosh Shilimkar (1):
    ARM: OMAP: serial: Fix the ocp smart idlemode handling bug

    Seth Heasley (1):
    ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel DH89xxCC DeviceIDs

    Seungwon Jeon (1):
    mmc: dw_mmc: Fix switch from DMA to PIO

    Shubhrajyoti D (1):
    usb: musb: omap: fix the error check for pm_runtime_get_sync

    Stefano Stabellini (2):
    xen/gntdev: do not set VM_PFNMAP
    xen/p2m: m2p_find_override: use list_for_each_entry_safe

    Stephane Eranian (1):
    perf tools: fix NO_GTK2 Makefile config error

    Stephen Warren (3):
    pinctrl: include <linux/bug.h> to prevent compile errors
    pinctrl: implement pinctrl_check_ops
    USB: ehci-tegra: don't call set_irq_flags(IRQF_VALID)

    Sylwester Nawrocki (1):
    [media] V4L: DocBook: Fix typos in the multi-plane formats description

    Takashi Iwai (5):
    ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix regression on Quanta/Gericom KN1
    ALSA: hda/sigmatel - Fix inverted mute LED
    drm/radeon/kms: fix the regression of DVI connector check
    ALSA: hda/conexant - Don't set HP pin-control bit unconditionally
    ALSA: hda/conexant - Set up the missing docking-station pins

    Tejun Heo (1):
    memblock: memblock should be able to handle zero length operations

    Theodore Ts'o (2):
    ext4: address scalability issue by removing extent cache statistics
    ext4: fix handling of journalled quota options

    Thomas Gleixner (1):
    Revert "ACPI: Make ACPI interrupt threaded"

    Tomoki Sekiyama (2):
    USB: yurex: Remove allocation of coherent buffer for setup-packet buffer
    USB: yurex: Fix missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP flag in urb

    Tomoya MORINAGA (1):
    pch_uart: Fix dma channel unallocated issue

    Tony Luck (1):
    ia64: fix futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic()

    Ulf Hansson (1):
    mmc: core: Do not pre-claim host in suspend

    Vladimir Zapolskiy (1):
    usb: musb: fix oops on omap2430 module unload

    Xi Wang (2):
    usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in test_ctrl_queue()
    usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in alloc_sglist()

    Yong Zhang (1):
    sparc32,leon: add notify_cpu_starting()

    Yuri Matylitski (1):
    USB: serial: cp210x: Fixed usb_control_msg timeout values

    Zhi Yong Wu (1):
    tools/virtio: fix up vhost/test module build
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