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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 2/4] regulator: Rework s5m8767_set_voltage to support both LDOs and BUCKs
    > Hi, Axel
    > Basically, Your optimization code looks good.
    > But, S5M8767A support 9 Bucks.
    > Please Add #9 Buck handling too.
    Current code does hand #9 buck in s5m8767_set_voltage().

    > As you know, 3.4-rc1 is released.
    > Please rebase your patch on 3.4-rc1.
    > Some feature is added on 3.4-rc1.
    I just try to apply the patch to Mark's for-next tree and linux-next tree.
    It looks ok. So I think no need to re-generate the patch.


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