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Subject[GIT PULL] block/for-3.5/core: pull in cgroup/for-3.5
Hello, guys.

cgroup/for-3.5 currently contains the following changes which
blk-cgroup needs to proceed with the on-going cleanup.

* Dynamic addition and removal of cftypes to make config/stat file
handling modular for policies.

* cgroup removal update to not wait for css references to drain to fix
blkcg removal hang caused by cfq caching cfqgs.

Due to the extensive changes in blk-cgroup.c, the pull results in some
non-trivial conflicts which can be a bit tricky to resolve correctly.

The following branch contains the merged commit. Please feel free to
pull in as-is or use it as reference. Stephen, cgroup and block next
branches will cause nasty conflicts until this merge happens, please
use this commit as merge reference or skip cgroup/for-3.5 for the time

git:// block-core-cgroup-merge

Thank you.


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