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Subject[BUGFIX][PATCH 0/3] memcg: tcp memcontrol fixes.

This series is 3 bugfixes for memcg's kmem.tcp memory controller.
Maybe this should go via network tree. (CC akpm for noticing an ugly change in res_counter.)

All patches are generated onto today linus's git tree.

Brief description:

Patch 1/3 .... tcp memcontrol doesn't see memcg's use_hierarchy value. Fix it.

Patch 2/3 and 3/3 ....
Because tcp memcontrol doesn't do any accounting when limit=RESOUCE_MAX,
there will be account leakage when limit is changed. This can trigger
WARN_ON() in res_counter which checks usage >= 0.

Patch 2/3 .... don't call static_key_slow_dec(&memcg_socket_limit_enabled) until
a cgroup under accounted is destroyed.

Patch 3/3 .... add res_counter_uncharge_nowarn() to ignore leakage.


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