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Subjectlib/crc32: new Kconfig prompt without help text
Hi Darrick,

the new prompt "CRC32 implementation" doesn't have an own help text, only
its subsequent options have. This is fine with a configurator like
xconfig. But "make oldconfig" only shows help text at the choice itself,
not at the options:

$ make oldconfig
> CRC32/CRC32c functions (CRC32) [Y/?] y
> CRC32 perform self test on init (CRC32_SELFTEST) [N/y/?] (NEW)
> CRC32 implementation
> > 1. Slice by 8 bytes (CRC32_SLICEBY8) (NEW)
> 2. Slice by 4 bytes (CRC32_SLICEBY4) (NEW)
> 3. Sarwate's Algorithm (one byte at a time) (CRC32_SARWATE) (NEW)
> 4. Classic Algorithm (one bit at a time) (CRC32_BIT) (NEW)
> choice[1-4]: ?
> There is no help available for this option.

Stefan Richter
-=====-===-- --== ==--=

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