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    SubjectRe: getdents - ext4 vs btrfs performance
    2012/3/1 Hillf Danton <>:
    > On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 9:35 PM, Jacek Luczak <> wrote:
    >> While I was about to grab acp I've noticed seekwatcher with made my day :)
    >> seekwatcher run of tar cf to eliminate writes (all done on 3.2.7):
    >> 1) btrfs:
    >> 2) ext4:
    >> 3) both merged:
    >> I will send acp results soon.
    > Would you please take reiserfs into account?

    As of now not (lack of time) but I'm pretty close to consider XFS in
    the game. Whenever I will have more time and there won't be a pressure
    on giving host back to production I will redo same tests for reiserfs.

    Now I'm focused on the userspace sorting results.


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