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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf tools: Allow multiple threads or processes in record, stat, top

* David Ahern <> wrote:

> > I was trying to remove ctype.h, you might use util.h here.
> Right, knew that. But, in this case I am adding a call to
> isdigit which means a direct dependency on ctype.h. I would
> prefer a direct relationship versus an indirect via util.h

Please just remove ctype.h *altogether* from perf, it's just an
insane header.

Have a look at how Git solves these types of problems, it
defines sane string functions in git-compat-util.h:

/* Sane ctype - no locale, and works with signed chars */
#undef isascii
#undef isspace
#undef isdigit
#undef isalpha
#undef isalnum
#undef tolower
#undef toupper
extern unsigned char sane_ctype[256];
#define GIT_SPACE 0x01
#define GIT_DIGIT 0x02
#define GIT_ALPHA 0x04
#define GIT_GLOB_SPECIAL 0x08
#define GIT_REGEX_SPECIAL 0x10



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