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Subject[PATCH 0/8] PCI: pci_host_bridge related cleanup
[PATCH 1/8] PCI: Separate host_bridge code out from probe.c
[PATCH 2/8] x86, PCI: have own version for pcibios_bus_to_resource
[PATCH 3/8] x86, PCI: Fix memleak with get_current_resources
[PATCH 4/8] PCI: make pci_host_bridge more robust
[PATCH 5/8] PCI: add generic device into pci_host_bridge struct
[PATCH 6/8] PCI: add host bridge release support
[PATCH 7/8] x86, PCI: break down get_current_resource()
[PATCH 8/8] x86, PCI: add host bridge resource release for using _CRS

will add struct device dev into host_bridge struct.

also will add release support to make sure allocated resource get
freed during root bus removal.


Yinghai Lu

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