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SubjectRe: perf record: can I specify multiple events and use different sample-after value
On 2/24/12 3:41 PM, Yuanfang Chen wrote:
> I think I'll settle with perf record for now. Still, unlike trace
> event, sample count is not meaningful for PMU event. Output of "perf
> script" does not include period value. One line of code will do the
> work.
> lude 17342 750118.202915: raw 0x3c: 86754 ffffffff8115f6b9
> __mem_cgroup_commit_char
> lude 17342 750118.203025: raw 0x3c: 1027634 ffffffff811344b9
> __mem_cgroup_commit_char
> 86754, 1027634 is the period value. But I'm not sure which is the PMU
> value, is it just period value, or period x sample after. If so, what
> is the sample after value?

You lost me. You modified perf-script to print the period?

Are you asking for the PMU counter value for 0x3c?

What perf commands are you running?


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