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SubjectRe: perf record: can I specify multiple events and use different sample-after value
On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 2:08 PM, David Ahern <> wrote:
> On 2/23/12 11:52 AM, Yuanfang Chen wrote:
>>> say my application(not an existing process, so -p<pid>  does not
>>> work.) run for 10 seconds. I want the r03c, r2d4 value during each
>>> second.  So there will be two values for each event in one second.
>> oops, forgot to forward. :-)
> you are looking for something like this?

Exactly !!

I think I'll settle with perf record for now. Still, unlike trace
event, sample count is not meaningful for PMU event. Output of "perf
script" does not include period value. One line of code will do the

lude 17342 750118.202915: raw 0x3c: 86754 ffffffff8115f6b9
lude 17342 750118.203025: raw 0x3c: 1027634 ffffffff811344b9

86754, 1027634 is the period value. But I'm not sure which is the PMU
value, is it just period value, or period x sample after. If so, what
is the sample after value?

thank you,

> David
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