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SubjectKGTP (Linux Kernel debugger and tracer) 20120224 release(more bug fix)
KGTP is a realtime and lightweight Linux Kernel debugger and tracer.

It makes Linux Kernel supply a GDB remote debug interface. Then GDB in
current machine or remote machine (see can
debug and trace Linux through GDB tracepoint without stopping the
Linux Kernel. And even if the board doesn't have GDB on it and doesn't
have interface for remote debug. It can debug the Linux Kernel using
offline debug (See
And it can work with Android (See
Now, it supports X86-32, X86-64, MIPS and ARM.

Now, KGTP 20120224 release.
You can get the package for it from
svn co

I tried to done an very interesting add-ons(a python script for GDB)
in this release. But I found some bugs and fixed them when I tested
this add-ons. So I think maybe release a new version for these bug
fixes is better.
Please give KGTP some concern, our next version will include this
interesting add-ons.

The change of this release is:
Fix build error with Linux Kernel 3.0.x version. Thanks for report
from sam.wanshan.
Make support all special trace state variables.
Fix the bug that set the id of FID_PAGE_BEGIN inside gtp_rb.
Change code to ignore the task that read the
/sys/kernel/debug/gtpframe_pipe in default. And add special trace
state variable $pipe_trace to control it.
Fix error of doc about $ignore_error.
Add $current_task_pid to access to get_current()->pid.
Fix bug in gtp_frame_file_header that affect stack when src of
conditon or action is bigger than 200.
To get other change info please goto

According to the comments of Christoph. I make a patch for Linux
Kernel and make it looks OK with I will post the patch
for review to in a separate mail.


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