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SubjectRE: [PATCH 20/21] xtensa: Use generic posix_types.h
David Howells wrote:
> Xtensa exports __FD_SET() and co. to userspace under some
> circumstances,
> therefore this patch potentially breaks the userspace ABI.

Thanks for noticing.
Looks like that happens for non GNU C compilers only.
Which doesn't make sense as the only non-GNU compiler we use
does have a GNU compatible front-end, and I don't see any
reason why this particular header would do something differently.

I suspect we simply copied this from another architecture.

(Note that the relevant C libraries have compatible definitions,
so I don't think userspace breaks in any case.)

So the patch looks like the right thing to do.
We'll find out soon enough, but I'd say go ahead with the patch.


Acked-by: Marc Gauthier <>

> David
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