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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 14/14] sched: implement usage tracking
    On Wed, 2012-02-01 at 17:38 -0800, Paul Turner wrote:
    > struct sched_avg {
    > u64 runnable_avg_sum, runnable_avg_period;
    > u64 last_runnable_update, decay_count;
    > + u32 usage_avg_sum;

    4 byte hole

    > unsigned long load_avg_contrib;
    > int contributes_blocked_load;

    A) Running/Runnable
    - uses last_runnable_update to track
    runnable_avg_sum, usage_avg_sum and runnable_avg_period

    B) Blocked
    - uses decay_count to keep track of sleeptime

    C) 'Migrate'
    - uses contributes_blocked_load to check if we actually did migrate?

    So there's a number of things I don't get, why have
    remove_task_load_avg_async() in set_task_rq()? enqueue_entity_load_avg()
    can do the __synchronize_entity_decay() thing (and actually does) just
    fine, right?

    Similarly, why not use last_runnable_update (as last_update) to track
    both A and B since a task cannot be in both states at the same time
    anyway. If you always update the timestamp you can use it to either
    track runnable/usage or decay for sleep.

    That would get rid of decay_count and contributes_blocked_load, no?

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