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Subject[PATCH v2 00/11] firewire-sbp-target: FireWire SBP-2 SCSI target
The FireWire SBP-2 Target is a driver for using an IEEE-1394 connection
as a SCSI transport. This module uses the SCSI Target framework to
expose LUNs to other machines attached to a FireWire bus, in effect
acting as a FireWire hard disk similar to FireWire Target Disk mode on
many Apple computers.

Changes since v1:
* Fixed some copy & paste issues
* Updated Kconfig (wording, depends, 'default n')
* Removed some unnecessary EXPORT_SYMBOL()s
* Merged sbp_util.{c,h} into sbp_configfs.c and sbp_base.h
* Merged sbp_proto.{c,h} into sbp_fabric.{c,h}
* Cleaned up comments and several printks
* Fixed a few minor bugs
* Create & use our own workqueue instead of using fw_workqueue
* Dropped the unused TFO->new_cmd_map and sbp_new_cmd()
* Overhauled and simplified tgt_agent_fetch_work()
* Removed some redundant members of struct sbp_target_request
* Removed struct sbp_lun and code to maintain redundant LUN list
* Added spinlock to struct sbp_session and use locking throughout
* Moved fw_card_{get,put,release}() into linux/firewire.h

It didn't feel like a lot of changes but actually that's quite a lot of work,
looking back at it...


Chris Boot

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