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SubjectRe: Updated btrfs/crypto snappy interface ready for merging
Andi Kleen wrote:
>> It's because decompressing inline extents always fails. I've fixed it
>> and will send the patch out in a new mail thread.
> Thanks for fixing.
>> But seems there's bug in lib snappy code, which makes the decompressed
>> data doesn't quite match the original data.
>> Simply copy a file to a btrfs filesystem with snappy enabled, and clear
>> page cache, and check the file:
> Hmm weird, I have never seen this. Do you have a reproducer?
> The basic compression code is quite well tested, I have a reasonable
> unit test.

At first I saved emails and patched them in linux-btrfs git tree, and I
got weired result. Then I pulled the snappy branch directly, and now
nothing is wrong.. Sorry for the noise.

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