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Subject[PATCH] xen-pciback patches for 3.2 (s/spinlock/mutex/)
402c5e1 xen/pciback: miscellaneous adjustments
04df355 xen/pciback: use mutex rather than spinlock in passthrough backend
5fa9991 xen/pciback: use resource_size()

which I've in the stable/drivers.bugfixes on
(git:// I am proposing these
two patches.

The easier of them:
xen/pciback: use mutex rather than spinlock in vpci backend

converts the vpci backend to use the same mechanism as the passthrough backend.

xen/pciback: Use mutexes when working with Xenbus state transitions.

converts the spinlocks that are guarding the Xenbus state changes to be
mutexs and moves them out to be in similar locations as in the 2.6.18 tree.

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