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SubjectKconfig unmet dependency with RADIO_WL1273
Hi Matti,

Johannes has just reported a problem in the Kconfig of radio-wl1273. It
seems to select MFD_CORE, but if the platform doesn't support MFD, then
MFD_SUPPORT won't be selected and this kind of warning will come out:

warning: (OLPC_XO1_PM && OLPC_XO1_SCI && I2C_ISCH && GPIO_SCH && GPIO_RDC321X && RADIO_WL1273)
selects MFD_CORE which has unmet direct dependencies (MFD_SUPPORT)

I guess it must depend on MFD_SUPPORT, right? If that's the correct
solution, the following patch should fix the problem:

diff --git a/drivers/media/radio/Kconfig b/drivers/media/radio/Kconfig
index 52798a1..e87f544 100644
--- a/drivers/media/radio/Kconfig
+++ b/drivers/media/radio/Kconfig
@@ -425,7 +425,7 @@ config RADIO_TIMBERDALE

config RADIO_WL1273
tristate "Texas Instruments WL1273 I2C FM Radio"
- depends on I2C && VIDEO_V4L2
+ depends on I2C && VIDEO_V4L2 && MFD_SUPPORT
select MFD_CORE
select MFD_WL1273_CORE
select FW_LOADER
The same problem is happening with other drivers too, so maybe there is
a better solution to fix all problems at once. ;)

Reported-by: Johannes Berg <>


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