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SubjectRE: [PATCH] [SCSI] LIBSAS: fix libsas link error issue
> I get the issue like this:
> 1. HBA support 3Gbps, level 1 expander support 6Gbps, and level 2 expander
> support 6Gbps;
> 2. level 1 is fine, and find that level 2 link rate is 6Gbps in DISCOVER
> response.
> 3. LIBSAS think level 2 is 6Gbps by sas_ex_get_linkrate function, and send
> command to level 2 expander
> 4. LIBSAS link error.
[Jack Wang]
What do you mean by "LIBSAS link error", OPEN_REJECT(CONNECTION RATE NOT
SUPPORTED)? LIBSAS only get the error event through LLDD.
According to SAS2r15 7.8.3

A SAS initiator port shall set the initial CONNECTION RATE field to:
a) the highest supported connection rate supported by a potential pathway as
determined during the
discover process (e.g., based on the logical link rates of each logical link
reported in the SMP
DISCOVER responses); or
b) the logical link rate of the logical phy used to transmit the OPEN
address frame.
If a SAS initiator port selected a connection rate based on discover process
information but the connection
request results in OPEN_REJECT (CONNECTION RATE NOT SUPPORTED), then the
discover process
information is no longer current and the discover process should be run

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