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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 00/14] virtio and vhost-net performance enhancements
    On Fri, 20 May 2011 02:10:07 +0300, "Michael S. Tsirkin" <> wrote:
    > OK, here is the large patchset that implements the virtio spec update
    > that I sent earlier (the spec itself needs a minor update, will send
    > that out too next week, but I think we are on the same page here
    > already). It supercedes the PUBLISH_USED_IDX patches I sent
    > out earlier.
    > What will follow will be a patchset that actually includes 4 sets of
    > patches. I note below their status. Please consider for 2.6.40, at
    > least partially. Rusty, do you think it's feasible?

    Erk. I'm still unsure that we should be using ring capacity as the
    thresholding mechanism, given that *descriptor* exhaustion is what we
    actually face.

    That said, I will review these thoroughly in 14 hours (Sat morning my
    time). Perhaps I can convince myself that it's not a problem, because
    it *is* simpler...

    > List of patches and what they do:
    > I) With the first patchset, we change virtio ring notification
    > hand-off to work like the one in Xen -
    > each side publishes an event index, the other one
    > notifies when it reaches that value -
    > With the one difference that event index starts at 0,
    > same as request index (in xen event index starts at 1).
    > These are the patches in this set:
    > virtio: event index interface
    > virtio ring: inline function to check for events
    > virtio_ring: support event idx feature
    > vhost: support event index
    > virtio_test: support event index
    > Changes in this part of the patchset from v1 - address comments by Rusty et al.
    > I tested this a lot with virtio net block and with the simulator and esp
    > with the simulator it's easy to see drastic performance improvement
    > here:
    > [virtio]# time ./virtio_test
    > spurious wakeus: 0x7
    > real 0m0.169s
    > user 0m0.140s
    > sys 0m0.019s
    > [virtio]# time ./virtio_test --no-event-idx
    > spurious wakeus: 0x11
    > real 0m0.649s
    > user 0m0.295s
    > sys 0m0.335s
    > And these patches are mostly unchanged from the very first version,
    > changes being almost exclusively code cleanups. So I consider this part
    > the most stable, I strongly think these patches should go into 2.6.40.
    > One extra reason besides performance is that maintaining
    > them out of tree is very painful as guest/host ABI is affected.
    > II) Second set of patches: new apis and use in virtio_net
    > With the indexes in place it becomes possibile to request an event after
    > many requests (and not just on the next one as done now). This shall fix
    > the TX queue overrun which currently triggers a storm of interrupts.
    > Another issue I tried to fix is capacity checks in virtio-net,
    > there's a new API for that, and on top of that,
    > I implemented a patch improving real-time characteristics
    > of virtio_net
    > Thus we get the second patchset:
    > virtio: add api for delayed callbacks
    > virtio_net: delay TX callbacks
    > virtio_ring: Add capacity check API
    > virtio_net: fix TX capacity checks using new API
    > virtio_net: limit xmit polling
    > This has some fixes that I posted previously applied,
    > but otherwise ideantical to v1. I tried to change API
    > for enable_cb_delayed as Rusty suggested but failed to do this.
    > I think it's not possible to define cleanly.
    > These work fine for me, I think they can be merged for 2.6.40
    > too but would be nice to hear back from Shirley, Tom, Krishna.

    See other mail.

    > III) There's also a patch that adds a tweak to virtio ring
    > virtio: don't delay avail index update
    > This seems to help small message sizes where we are constantly draining
    > the RX VQ.

    This is independent. If someone shows some benchmark improvement I'm
    definitely happy to put this in .40, if nothing else.

    > I'll need to benchmark this to be able to give any numbers
    > with confidence, but I don't see how it can hurt anything.
    > Thoughts?
    > IV) Last part is a set of patches to extend feature bits
    > to 64 bit. I tested this by using feature bit 32.
    > vhost: fix 64 bit features
    > virtio_test: update for 64 bit features
    > virtio: 64 bit features

    Sweetness, but .41 material at this stage.


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