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Subject[RESEND] [PATCH 00/18] Staging: hv: Cleanup vmbus driver code
This is a resend of the patches yet to be applied.
This patch-set addresses some of the bus/driver model cleanup that
Greg sugested over the last couple of days. In this patch-set we
deal with the following issues:

1) Cleanup error handling in the vmbus_probe() and
vmbus_child_device_register() functions. Fixed a
bug in the probe failure path as part of this cleanup.

2) The Windows host cannot handle the vmbus_driver being
unloaded and subsequently loaded. Cleanup the driver with
this in mind.

3) Get rid of struct hv_bus that embedded struct bus_type to
conform with the LDM.

4) Add probe/remove/shutdown functions to struct hv_driver to
conform to LDM.

5) On some older Hyper-V hosts, the Linux PCI sub-sytem is not able
to allocate irq resources to the vmbus driver. I recently learnt
that the vmbus driver is an acpi enumerated device on the Hyper-V
platform. Added code to retrieve irq information from DSDT.


K. Y

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