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    SubjectLinux 2.6.38
    Not a lot of changes since -rc8. Most notably perhaps some late nfs
    and btrfs work, and a mips update. Along with some more vfs RCU lookup
    fallout (which would only be noticeable with the filesystem exported
    with nfsd, which is why nobody ever noticed).

    And the usual driver updates, mostly media and GPU, but some
    networking too. The appended shortlog is for the changes since -rc8,
    and gives some feel for it. Nothing really too exciting, I think.

    As to the "big picture", ie all the changes since 2.6.37, my personal
    favorite remains the VFS name lookup changes. They did end up causing
    some breakage, and Al has made it clear that he wants more cleanups,
    but on the whole I think it was surprisingly smooth. I think we had
    more problems with random other components (nasty memory corruption in
    networking etc) than with the rather fundamental path lookup change.

    So I'm hoping this ends up being a fairly calm release despite some
    really deep changes like that.



    Abhilash K V (1):
    ASoC: AM3517: Update codec name after multi-component update

    Al Viro (12):
    minimal fix for do_filp_open() race
    unfuck proc_sysctl ->d_compare()
    nd->inode is not set on the second attempt in path_walk()
    /proc/self is never going to be invalidated...
    reiserfs xattr ->d_revalidate() shouldn't care about RCU
    ceph: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    fuse: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    gfs2: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    ocfs2: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    jfs: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    fat: fix d_revalidate oopsen on NFS exports
    compat breakage in preadv() and pwritev()

    Andrea Arcangeli (2):
    x86/mm: Fix pgd_lock deadlock
    thp: fix page_referenced to modify mapcount/vm_flags only if page is found

    Andrey Vagin (1):
    x86/mm: Handle mm_fault_error() in kernel space

    Andy Adamson (2):
    NFSv4: remove duplicate clientid in struct nfs_client
    NFSv4.1 reclaim complete must wait for completion

    Andy Walls (2):
    [media] cx23885: Revert "Check for slave nack on all transactions"
    [media] cx23885: Remove unused 'err:' labels to quiet compiler warning

    Anoop P A (2):
    MIPS: Select R4K timer lib for all MSP platforms
    MIPS: MSP: Fix MSP71xx bpci interrupt handler return value

    Antony Pavlov (2):
    mtd: jedec_probe: Change variable name from cfi_p to cfi
    mtd: jedec_probe: initialise make sector erase command variable

    Antti Seppälä (1):
    [media] Fix sysfs rc protocol lookup for rc-5-sz

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
    perf symbols: Fix vmlinux path when not using --symfs

    Arnaud Patard (1):
    [media] mantis_pci: remove asm/pgtable.h include

    Axel Lin (3):
    mtd: add "platform:" prefix for platform modalias
    watchdog: hpwdt: eliminate section mismatch warning

    Balbir Singh (1):
    sched: Fix sched rt group scheduling when hierachy is enabled

    Ben Hutchings (1):
    sunrpc: Propagate errors from xs_bind() through xs_create_sock()

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (2):
    powerpc/iseries: Fix early init access to lppaca
    powerpc/pseries: Disable VPNH feature

    Benny Halevy (1):
    NFSD: fix decode_cb_sequence4resok

    Chris Mason (4):
    Btrfs: fix regressions in copy_from_user handling
    Btrfs: deal with short returns from copy_from_user
    Btrfs: make sure not to return overlapping extents to fiemap
    Btrfs: break out of shrink_delalloc earlier

    Chuck Lever (1):
    NFS: NFSROOT should default to "proto=udp"

    Cliff Wickman (1):
    x86, UV: Initialize the broadcast assist unit base destination
    node id properly

    Dan Carpenter (1):
    watchdog: sch311x_wdt: fix printk condition

    Daniel J Blueman (2):
    x86, build: Make sure mkpiggy fails on read error
    btrfs: fix dip leak

    Daniel Turull (1):
    pktgen: fix errata in show results

    Dave Airlie (3):
    drm/radeon: add pageflip hooks for fusion
    drm/radeon: fix page flipping hangs on r300/r400
    drm/radeon: fix problem with changing active VRAM size. (v2)

    David Daney (5):
    MIPS: Add an unreachable return statement to satisfy buggy GCCs.
    MIPS: Fix GCC-4.6 'set but not used' warning in signal*.c
    MIPS: Remove unused code from arch/mips/kernel/syscall.c
    MIPS: Fix GCC-4.6 'set but not used' warning in ieee754int.h
    MIPS: Fix GCC-4.6 'set but not used' warning in arch/mips/mm/init.c

    David Howells (2):
    MN10300: The SMP_ICACHE_INV_FLUSH_RANGE IPI command does not exist
    MN10300: atomic_read() should ensure it emits a load

    David S. Miller (2):
    ipv4: Fix erroneous uses of ifa_address.
    ipv6: Don't create clones of host routes.

    Deng-Cheng Zhu (5):
    MIPS, Perf-events: Work with irq_work
    MIPS, Perf-events: Work with the new PMU interface
    MIPS, Perf-events: Fix event check in validate_event()
    MIPS, Perf-events: Work with the new callchain interface
    MIPS, Perf-events: Use unsigned delta for right shift in event update

    Devin Heitmueller (2):
    [media] au0828: fix VBI handling when in V4L2 streaming mode
    [media] cx18: Add support for Hauppauge HVR-1600 models with s5h1411

    Dmitry Kravkov (4):
    bnx2x: fix non-pmf device load flow
    bnx2x: fix link notification
    bnx2x: (NPAR) prevent HW access in D3 state
    bnx2x: fix MaxBW configuration

    Doe, YiCheng (1):
    ipmi: Fix IPMI errors due to timing problems

    Florian Fainelli (3):
    r6040: bump to version 0.27 and date 23Feb2011
    MIPS: MTX-1: Make au1000_eth probe all PHY addresses
    MIPS: Alchemy: Fix reset for MTX-1 and XXS1500

    Frank Filz (1):
    (try3-resend) Fix nfs_compat_user_ino64 so it doesn't cause
    problems if bit 31 or 63 are set in fileid

    Grant Likely (1):
    i2c-ocores: Fix pointer type mismatch error

    Göran Weinholt (1):
    net/smsc911x.c: Set the VLAN1 register to fix VLAN MTU problem

    Hans de Goede (2):
    hwmon/f71882fg: Fix a typo in a comment
    hwmon/f71882fg: Set platform drvdata to NULL later

    Huang Weiyi (1):
    nfs4: remove duplicated #include

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    thp+memcg-numa: fix BUG at include/linux/mm.h:370!

    J. Bruce Fields (2):
    nfsd4: fix bad pointer on failure to find delegation
    fs/dcache: allow d_obtain_alias() to return unhashed dentries

    Jarod Wilson (3):
    [media] nuvoton-cir: fix wake from suspend
    [media] mceusb: don't claim multifunction device non-IR parts
    [media] tda829x: fix regression in probe functions

    Jeff Layton (1):
    nfs: close NFSv4 COMMIT vs. CLOSE race

    Jesper Juhl (1):
    SUNRPC: Remove resource leak in svc_rdma_send_error()

    Jiri Slaby (1):
    watchdog: sbc_fitpc2_wdt, fix crash on systems without DMI_BOARD_NAME

    Joakim Tjernlund (1):
    mtd: fix race in cfi_cmdset_0001 driver

    Jon Mason (1):
    vxge: update MAINTAINERS

    Jovi Zhang (1):
    nfs: fix compilation warning

    Lin Ming (1):
    perf symbols: Avoid resolving [kernel.kallsyms] to real path for
    buildid cache

    Linus Torvalds (2):
    Revert "oom: oom_kill_process: fix the child_points logic"
    Linux 2.6.38

    Lukas Czerner (1):
    block: fix mis-synchronisation in blkdev_issue_zeroout()

    Maksim Rayskiy (1):
    MIPS: Move idle task creation to work queue

    Malcolm Priestley (1):
    [media] DM04/QQBOX memcpy to const char fix

    Marco Stornelli (1):
    Check for immutable/append flag in fallocate path

    Mark Brown (4):
    ASoC: Fix broken bitfield definitions in WM8978
    ASoC: Use the correct DAPM context when cleaning up final widget set
    ASoC: Fix typo in late revision WM8994 DAC2R name
    ASoC: Ensure WM8958 gets all WM8994 late revision widgets

    Matt Turner (1):
    alpha: fix compile error from IRQ clean up

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
    [media] ir-raw: Properly initialize the IR event (BZ#27202)

    Maurus Cuelenaere (1):
    MIPS: Jz4740: Add HAVE_CLK

    Maxim Levitsky (1):
    mtd: mtd_blkdevs: fix double free on error path

    Miao Xie (1):
    btrfs: fix not enough reserved space

    Michael (1):
    [media] ivtv: Fix corrective action taken upon DMA ERR interrupt
    to avoid hang

    Michal Marek (1):
    kbuild: Fix computing srcversion for modules

    Naga Chumbalkar (2):
    x86: Don't check for BIOS corruption in first 64K when there's no need to
    [CPUFREQ] pcc-cpufreq: don't load driver if get_freq fails during init.

    Neil Horman (1):
    rds: prevent BUG_ON triggering on congestion map updates

    Nicholas Bellinger (1):
    [SCSI] target: Fix t_transport_aborted handling in LUN_RESET +
    active I/O shutdown

    Nicolas Kaiser (1):
    drivers/net/macvtap: fix error check

    Nils Carlson (2):
    bonding 802.3ad: Fix the state machine locking v2
    bonding 802.3ad: Rename rx_machine_lock to state_machine_lock

    Ohad Ben-Cohen (1):
    mmc: fix CONFIG_MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME regression

    Oleg Nesterov (1):
    oom: oom_kill_process: fix the child_points logic

    Olivier Grenie (1):
    [media] DiB7000M: add pid filtering

    Pawel Osciak (1):
    [media] Fix double free of video_device in mem2mem_testdev

    Rainer Weikusat (1):
    net: fix multithreaded signal handling in unix recv routines

    Rajendra Nayak (1):
    i2c-omap: Program I2C_WE on OMAP4 to enable i2c wakeup

    Randy Dunlap (1):
    net: bridge builtin vs. ipv6 modular

    Ricardo Labiaga (1):

    Robert Millan (1):
    MIPS: Loongson: Remove ad-hoc cmdline default

    Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (1):
    x86: ce4100: Set pci ops via callback instead of module init

    Shawn Lin (1):
    r6040: fix multicast operations

    Stanislav Fomichev (1):
    nfs: add kmalloc return value check in decode_and_add_ds

    Stanislaw Gruszka (1):
    mtd: amd76xrom: fix oops at boot when resources are not available

    Stefan Oberhumer (1):
    MIPS: Clear the correct flag in sysmips(MIPS_FIXADE, ...).

    Stefan Weil (1):
    MIPS: Loongson: Fix potentially wrong string handling

    Stephen Rothwell (2):
    sysctl: the include of rcupdate.h is only needed in the kernel
    sysctl: the include of rcupdate.h is only needed in the kernel

    Sven Barth (1):
    [media] cx25840: fix probing of cx2583x chips

    Takashi Iwai (1):
    drm/i915: Revive combination mode for backlight control

    Thomas Gleixner (1):
    MIPS: Replace deprecated spinlock initialization

    Thomas Graf (1):
    net: Enter net/ipv6/ even if CONFIG_IPV6=n

    Timo Warns (1):
    Fix corrupted OSF partition table parsing

    Tkhai Kirill (1):
    MN10300: Proper use of macros get_user() in the case of
    incremented pointers

    Trond Myklebust (5):
    SUNRPC: Close a race in __rpc_wait_for_completion_task()
    NFSv4/4.1: Fix nfs4_schedule_state_recovery abuses
    NFSv4.1: Fix the handling of the SEQUENCE status bits
    NFSv4: Fix the setlk error handler
    NFSv4: nfs4_state_mark_reclaim_nograce() should be static

    Vasiliy Kulikov (1):
    net: don't allow CAP_NET_ADMIN to load non-netdev kernel modules

    Wim Van Sebroeck (3):
    watchdog: cpwd: Fix buffer-overflow
    watchdog: sch311x_wdt: Fix LDN active check
    watchdog: w83697ug_wdt: Fix set bit 0 to activate GPIO2

    Wolfram Sang (1):
    i2c-eg20t: include slab.h for memory allocations

    Wu Zhangjin (5):
    MIPS, Tracing: Speed up function graph tracer
    MIPS, Tracing: Substitute in_kernel_space() for in_module()
    MIPS, Tracing: Clean up prepare_ftrace_return()
    MIPS, Tracing: Clean up ftrace_make_nop()
    MIPS, Tracing: Fix set_graph_function of function graph tracer

    Yinghai Lu (1):
    x86, numa: Fix numa_emulation code with memory-less node0

    Yoichi Yuasa (1):
    ariadne: remove redundant NULL check

    roel (1):
    nfsd: wrong index used in inner loop

    sensoray-dev (1):
    [media] s2255drv: firmware re-loading changes

    stephen hemminger (1):
    ip6ip6: autoload ip6 tunnel
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