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    Subject[RFC] x86: Unify allocation of low memory trampolines
    This patchset unifies all the allocation of low memory (a.k.a. realmode
    memory, low megabyte) code (currently there are three users of low
    memory: BIOS reboot, suspend, and of course the SMP trampoline -- there
    is at least one additional one coming down the pipe in the near term)
    and reserves and installs them as a single memory object very early
    during initialization. This means the original can be put in initrodata
    and discarded after the allocation is done.

    I consider this patchset to be a first step: the next step is to
    actually link all the realmode code together into a single common
    address space before encapsulation. This will enable X/W separation as
    well as provide an even more natural way to access symbols in the real
    mode object.


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