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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/7] Introducing ZIO, a new I/O framework
    On 11/26/2011 06:30 PM, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
    > This RFC patch-set introduces the ZIO framework for input/output,
    > which will be used in the new series of drivers by the BE-CO-HT
    > group at CERN.
    > The use-case it is meant to cover is very fast I/O with
    > hardware-provided timestamps. The first production driver we will
    > support is a 100Ms/s 4-channel 14-bit ADC (developed on ohwr: see
    > ). We need similar
    > bandwidth on output.
    > The synchronization engine of that FMC card and other ones is going to
    > be White Rabbit (
    > Currently, the patch-set includes one example driver (zio-zero)
    > that behaves like /dev/zero and /dev/urandom. Other drivers will
    > come soon, both demo and real hardware.
    > Slides for a tutorial on the design ideas are online here:
    > A list of pending issues and development plans is online at:

    You've Cc'ed the IIO mailinglist, so you know about the IIO framework. Could
    you explain why you need a new framework and your devices can't be supported by
    the IIO framework? After a first quick glance ZIO looks to me like a subset of IIO.

    - Lars

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