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    SubjectPROBLEM: lvm gets stuck during booting due to recent uevent change
    After commit ebf4127cd677 "kobj_uevent: Ignore if some listeners
    cannot handle message" in the current development tree lvm gets stuck
    during booting and never recovers.

    The machine has Ubuntu 11.10. Here is what happens:

    An init script (/scripts/init-bottom/udev in initrd) issues command
    "udevadm control --timeout=61 --exit".

    At the same time udevd is executing "/sbin/lvm vgchange -a y" (from
    /lib/udev/rules.d/85-lvm2.rules) that calls ioctl to resume a logical
    volume. After that lvm gets stuck forever. Booting continues after the
    61 second timeout.

    Here is part of lvm backtrace from gdb (ioctl is called just before
    dm_udev_wait from another function):

    #0 0x00007f56d6d37797 in semop () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
    #1 0x00007f56d720a75c in dm_udev_wait (cookie=223208589) at libdm-common.c:1279
    #2 0x0000000000476d5f in _tree_action (dm=0xaa0680,
    lv=0xffffffffffffff69, action=ACTIVATE) at activate/dev_manager.c:1479
    #3 0x0000000000477a4e in dev_manager_activate (dm=0xaa0680,
    lv=0xa9caf0) at activate/dev_manager.c:1505
    #4 0x000000000042ebcc in _lv_activate_lv (lv=0xa9caf0) at

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