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SubjectRe: Please include const-sections into linux-next
Hi Andi,

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 01:38:18 +0200 Andi Kleen <> wrote:
> Please include
> git:// const-sections
> in linux-next. This has a tree sweep to fix all kind of constant
> section issues.
> I intend to send Linus a pull request next cycle and would like
> to get some testing in next first.

You picked a bad time unfortunately. Today will amost certainly be the
last linux-next tree before the merge window opens (since I will be on
vacation until kernel summit) so if it breaks the tree, it will impact on
others testing (and there won't be a followup tree to correct the problem).

Also, the commit messages are still very terse (as a few people pointed
out) and I have seen no response to Thomas' remarks either.

> I got various acks last time it was posted and added them all.
> In general it falls more in the "trivial" category, but it's
> rather large and all over so I may have made a mistake.

It really isn't trivial because we have had various problems with init
and const in the past with various toolchains (and even different
problems on different architectures with the "same" toolchain).

Linus or Andrew may still want to take these, but I don't think I can add
it to linux-next right now, sorry.
Stephen Rothwell
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