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SubjectRe: Please include const-sections into linux-next
vate email?
> OK, so after fixing up that one, the next failure is:
> drivers/net/fealnx.c:95: error: version causes a section type conflict
> drivers/net/fealnx.c:1944: error: fealnx_pci_tbl causes a section type
> conflict

Hmm, this is weird (just like the other error)
I wonder if the pa-risc tool chain has some general problems with sections

On a successful build with the same config could you send me the output of

make drivers/net/fealnx.s
make drivers/net/fealnx.i

in the same config privately? From that I can see if there's something else
in init.rodata that does not match my i386 build.

One alternative to track it down would be to apply the attached
patch to the gcc, then gcc would print it out.

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