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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v3] drivercore: Add driver probe deferral mechanism
On Thu, 22 Sep 2011 12:51:23 -0600
Grant Likely <> wrote:

> Allow drivers to report at probe time that they cannot get all the resources
> required by the device, and should be retried at a later time.
> This should completely solve the problem of getting devices
> initialized in the right order. Right now this is mostly handled by
> mucking about with initcall ordering which is a complete hack, and
> doesn't even remotely handle the case where device drivers are in
> modules. This approach completely sidesteps the issues by allowing
> driver registration to occur in any order, and any driver can request
> to be retried after a few more other drivers get probed.

What happens is there is a circular dependency, or if a driver's
preconditions are never met? AFAICT the code keeps running the probe
function for ever.

If so: bad. The kernel should detect such situations, should
exhaustively report them and if possible, fix them up and struggle

> ...
> + * This bit is tricky. We want to process every device in the
> + * deferred list, but devices can be removed from the list at any
> + * time while inside this for-each loop. There are two things that
> + * need to be protected against:
> + * - if the device is removed from the deferred_probe_list, then we
> + * loose our place in the loop. Since any device can be removed


> + * asynchronously, list_for_each_entry_safe() wouldn't make things
> + * much better. Simplest solution is to restart walking the list
> + * whenever the current device gets removed. Not the most efficient,
> + * but is simple to implement and easy to audit for correctness.
> + * - if the device is unregistered, and freed, then there is a risk
> + * of a null pointer dereference. This code uses get/put_device()
> + * to ensure the device cannot disappear from under our feet.
> + */
> ...
> + /* Drop the mutex while probing each device; the probe path
> + * may manipulate the deferred list */

Please don't invent new coding styles. Like this:

* Drop the mutex while probing each device; the probe path
* may manipulate the deferred list

(entire patch)

> ...

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