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SubjectLinux Plumbers' Conference 2011: Call for Tracks
Linux Plumbers' Conference 2011 Call for Track Ideas

The Linux Plumbers' Conference will take place in Santa Rosa, CA,
September 7-9, 2011. The structure of the conference remains the same
as in previous years; rather than focus on presenting completed work or
problems and solutions, we encourage BoF and brainstorming sessions that
gather experts from different parts of the Linux ecosystem to discuss
complex problems with implications for multiple systems, with an eye
toward making progress and reaching consensus on their solutions. As in
past years, we aim to foster a workshop like atmosphere, where once
consensus is reached, attendees can spend time developing solutions in
real-time, sharing experience and evaluating trade-offs.

The program committee is now looking for track proposals. The ideal
track proposal is focused enough to allow progress and attract the right
particpants, but also spans several components of the Linux technology
stack and a set of problems that can specifically benefit from face to
face discussion between the various teams involved. Proposals should
include a list of projects involved, key contributors to lead
discussions, and an owner for the track. The track owner is responsible
for facilitating and scheduling sessions and generally making sure the
track is successful (metrics for this will vary by track & discussion).

Track proposals should be sent to

LPC 2011 Planning Committee

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