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SubjectRe: Oops while going into hibernate

On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Theodore Tso wrote:
> That looks really bogus. /usr/bin/killall is a system binary, and there's
> no good reason that hibernation should be trying to write pages to that
> binary.
> You said originally that the oops was happening "while going into
> hibernation right after resuming with...". So that means you did a
> successful suspend/resume, and then the second suspend caused the oops?
Yes. I basically did a
echo reboot > /sys/power/disk
for i in {1..5} ;do echo disk > /sys/power/state ;done
and it crashed very early in the second suspend.

> It looks like somehow the pages were left marked as dirty, so the
> writeback daemons attempted writing back a page to an inode which was
> never opened read/write (and in fact as a text page for
> /usr/bin/killall, was mapped read/only).
> Given that ext4 initializes jinode only when the file is opened
> read/write, the fact that it is null, and the fact that it makes no
> sense that a program would be modifying /usr/bin/killall as part of a
> suspend/resume, it looks very much like we just unmasked a software
> suspend bug....
Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation!


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