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SubjectCannot create NETLINK_NFLOG sockets
Hello there,

I have just stumbled upon a rather strange problem... It seems whenever
a program on my system tries to create a netlink socket of the
NETLINK_NFLOG type, the call fails with a "protocol not supported"
error. Having first encountered this trying to get ulogd running for
the iptables NFLOG target, I have managed to reproduce it with a short C
program which does nothing but try to open such a socket. Netlink in
general works fine.

My kernel is Linux-2.6.33, with the following netlink-related options

The problem appears regardless of whether these modules are loaded or

Could you help me debug the problem? If you need any more information,
please let me know. PS. I'm not on LKML at present so please add me
directly to any replies.

All the best,

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