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Subjecthdlc_ppp: why no detach()?
Hello Krzyztof,

I am looking at your hdlc_ppp code and I don't understand: why is there
not the equivalent of fr_detach() in there?

pc8300_drv:cpc_remove_one() frees netdevs quite confidently but I wonder
how it can be so sure that there are not skbs in hdlc_ppp's tx_queue
associated with those devices before freeing them....

Even if you wanted to switch a device from PPP to Frame Relay, I don't
see the method right now. If I may ask, please, what am I missing?

If you agree there is a need for detach(), I would be happy to work on
it and make a submission.

thanks for your time,

Michael Barkowski
RuggedCom, Inc.

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