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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] sysfs: simplify handling for s_active refcount
NeilBrown <> writes:

> s_active counts the number of active references to a 'sysfs_direct'.
> When we wish to deactivate a sysfs_direct, we subtract a large
> number for the refcount so it will always appear negative. When
> it is negative, new references will not be taken.
> After that subtraction, we wait for all the active references to
> drain away.
> The subtraction of the large number contains exactly the same
> information as the setting of the flag SYSFS_FLAG_REMOVED.
> (We know this as we already assert that SYSFS_FLAG_REMOVED is set
> before adding the large-negative-bias).
> So doing both is pointless.
> By starting s_active with a value of 1, not 0 (as is typical of
> reference counts) and using atomic_inc_not_zero, we can significantly
> simplify the code while keeping exactly the same functionality.

Overall your logic appears correct but in detail this patch scares me.

sd->s_flags is protected by the sysfs_mutex, and you aren't
taking it when you read it. So in general I don't see the new check
if (sd->s_flags & SYSFS_FLAG_REMOVED) == 0 providing any guarantee of
progress whatsoever with user space applications repeated reading from
a sysfs file when that sysfs file is being removed. They could easily
have the sd->s_flags value cached and never see the new value, given a
crazy enough cache architecture.

So as attractive as this patch is I don't think it is correct.


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