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SubjectRe: [RFC/RFT PATCH v3] sched: automated per tty task groups ... ps jaxk sid ... You are using the wrong number.
Hi everyone,

Please look at the result of this command ...

ps jak sid
ps jaxk sid

Notice the grouping for the SID column.

It's been proven that this patch is a good idea, but the SID number is the
one that already provides the proper process grouping and is ALREADY
maintained by every program starter out there.

Using the SID solves the "all GUI programs are in the same group" problem
but still keeps "make -j99" in one group and different [a-z]terms in
different groups. What's more setsid(1) and setsid(2) make userspace
control really easy.

I think this means the time for allocating a new autogroup is when the
process DETACHES from a tty not when it attaches ...

PS: Not a mailing list member; CC me if you want to reply.

Rob. (Robert de Bath <robert$ @>)

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