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SubjectRe: [Bug 15076] System panic under load with clockevents_program_event
Switched to email. Please reply to all instead of using the bugzilla

> --- Comment #4 from okias <> 2010-01-22 10:17:25 ---
> and it's regression. Now I work on and no problem.

That's a really weird one. The system is 50 min up and running and out
of the blue it crashes in clockevents_program_event(). This function
has been called a couple of thousand times before that point.

The only way to crash there is when *dev is pointing into nirwana. dev
comes from

int tick_program_event(ktime_t expires, int force)
struct clock_event_device *dev = __get_cpu_var(tick_cpu_device).evtdev;

according to the callchain. At this point nothing fiddles with
tick_cpu_device.evtdev, so I suspect some really nasty memory
corruption going on.

okias, can you please disable highmem support and verify whether the
problem persists ?



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